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Hathors, masters of sound and love

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For over 20 years I have suffered frequent pains from the liver as a result of damage to this vital organ. At a weekend workshop facilitated by Paul Hubbert, using crystal bowls and other sounds, I became willing to release this history. On a following day I received a personal healing from Paul and have never been bothered by pain since. Paul, with humility and love, is able to bring his client into a state of "Grace" during a healing session. A year has gone by and I'm so grateful to be still free of pain.
God bless you, Paul.
Ashleigh K. Ryane (June 1999)

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Learn to Heal the Body through the Chakras with Holographic Sound!

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Archangel Michael

hathors, masters of sound and love
Holographic Sound Healing
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hathors, masters of sound and love

The immune system which includes the thymus gland, lymph nodes, bone marrow, spleen, tonsils, adenoids, appendix, Peyer's Patches are all connected, and all are affected by color and sound. Care then is needed daily to nourish ourselves with appropriate colors for us - and to be very aware that all sounds affect the Thymus gland and therefore, that Chakra.

Renee Brodie, The Healing Tones of Crystal Bowls

The Thymus Chakra, Immune System & Sound Healing

"What is the Thymus gland? What is its function? its connection to the Immune System?" you might have asked.

The Thymus gland, at the forward base of the neck, plays a key role in the immunological defense system, stimulating production of white blood cells that fight disease and infection. The thymus gland is fairly large at birth and continues to grow until adolescence, when it begins to shrink. By middle age the thymus is much smaller, but it is still an important factor in the immune system. During the first few weeks of life, T-lymphocytes created in the thymus migrate to the blood stream and colonize lymph nodes through the body. These later begin to manufacture powerful antibodies vital for immunity.

According to Dr. John Diamond's Your Body Doesn't Lie book, "In the second century, Galen gave the name Thymus to the pinkish-grey two-lobed organ in the chest because, it is said, it reminded him of a bunch of thyme. But the thyme plant itself was so-named because it was burned as incense to the gods. Thymus (Greek) then was a rising up of smoke, a burning of incense, a sacrificing up to the gods - all taking place in the chest, the inner altar. It was aspiration, songs of praise, spirit, and the putting out of love. It was the breath-soul, on which depended a man's energy and courage. So the Thymus is the Seat of Life Energy.

Modern medical science has not always understood the function of the thymus gland... Now, medicine recognizes the thymus gland is closely related to the immune system, stress, and general well-being.

Earlier this century it was thought the Thymus gland had no function beyond puberty. It simply atrophied... a delusion fostered by finding during autopsy that the gland was quite small. It is now known that in response to acute stress such as infection, it can shrivel to half the size within 24 hours. Earlier, doctors thought that after puberty the Thymus had no useful function, and in many young children it was excised! This destroyed a vital part of their Immune System, allowing them to become susceptible to infections and chronic diease. Later in the 1950s and after research it became clear that children naturally have large thymus glands and some dying from serious illness or great physical stress had died before the gland had time to shrink.

After puberty it diminishes in size because it is no longer concerned with growth. Any further shrinkage is due to stress and other factors. The dramatic shrinkage of the thymus gland in a person undergoing stress is not fully understood. Within a day of severe injury or sudden illness, millions of lymphocytes are destroyed and the thymus shrinks to half its size. This part of the general reaction to stress described by Dr. Hans Seyle. We also know that that the thymus continues to secrete hormones and T cells until late in life. This role is known as immunological surveillance so another function has been added to the so-called "inactive" thymus gland.

It is only recently that the immunological functions of this gland have been understood. It has the role of Master Controller that directs life-giving and healing energies of the body, and is strongly influenced by an individual's physical environment, social relationships, food and posture."

"How are we then able to heal the overstressed Thymus gland?"

According to Renee Brodie, "Our immune sytem functions more effectively when we are happy and creative, and affects every cell in our body when its energy flow is harmonious. When we feel out-of-sorts, unwell, the cells of the immune system do not "ring true", and this will affect every part of us. We see now how important the Thymus chakra is to our well-being.

We know that through the newly-awakened Thymus chakra, we can absolutely work towards balancing this energy center and therefore the immune system, until it is one hundred percent perfect so that we are no longer sick.

What we need to do is tune into the individual and work together to find their special note for the Thymus, to sound it with loving care and reverence, for a certain number of days. This note may very well be the note F of G, but not necessarily."

"Where then does Sound come into healing the Thymus Chakra and Immune System?"

According to Renee Brodie, "The Thymus chakra responds to all sounds made by you, and any with which you are in contact. There is much sensitivity in the area of the Thymus chakra because of the bony structure that overlays it. When you sing or shout, pray or chant, or listen to music, whether it be recorded or played live by many musicians, the Thymus chakra is stimulated. From here is directed renewed energy as a result of the sound.

All sounds, in one way or another, resonate with this chakra and in the body. Now that you are aware of the Thymus chakra, it is so necessary to make joyful, positive sounds instead of "sour" notes of anger or negativity. Awareness of with which sounds one is resonating is very important. Think about the words that we use. Think about the words and sounds that are produced by people who are with you. What are they saying? Are they words of love and caring, of honesty and truth? Is there joy in the sounds that you are using and hearing? Is your personal sound critical and deadening to others? Are you saying things that are uplifting? Do the sounds of everyday life resonate to your beingness? Listen to yourself and learn. You are in charge, one hundred percent, of the sounds that you live with and make, not of the "outside" sounds but of your own sounds, the sounds in your home, office and healing centers, the sounds that you make to your family and friends.

From now on we can all take a little care "cleaning up" the sounds that we make, even to the extent of listening to the tones of our own voices , creating a more beautiful, resonant sound. Bless yourselves, and ask for perfection in creating a blissful, caring and beautiful surrounding of sound.

The Thymus chakra responds to sound, but the whole body, mind and spirit needs peaceful and lovely sounds to create a space in which we can move forward into the full Light."

Through the use of Holographic Sound Healing techniques, all the seven major body chakras plus one major chakra are cleared, balanced and energized. The plus one major chakra is an eight chakra called the Thymus chakra which we have discussed here because of its importance in the proper functioning of the Immune System and which is affected greatly during Holographic Sound Healing as the other seven major chakras are healed.

According to Chinese medicine, The Heart chakra controls the heart and the thymus gland, so it is important to focus on this Heart point during meditation to strengthen these organs.

Please read more information on strengthening your Wei Qi or Immune System through herbs, nutrition, and other TCM strategies and Qi Gong exercises.

You can be a Master of Sound & Love by ordering thru KAGI or the e-book Holographic Sound Healer, Master of Sound and Love NOW.

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