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Holographic Sound Healer, Master of Sound & Love

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hathors, masters of sound and love
Holographic Sound Healing
Facilitated by
Yogi Sharanananda
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hathors, masters of sound and love

Celestial Contacts through Holographic Sound and Merkaba

"Can the Holographic Sound Healing techniques be used for spiritual ascension and Celestial contacts in the fifth dimension as powerfully as the Melchizedek Method?" you might have asked many times as I did.

"Because the Holographic Sound techniques make it possible to contain the vibrational tone of Spirit inside the Holographic Light Body, it not only exponentially amplifies the vibration for healing but also for interdimensional travel, manifestation and spiritual ascension," I answered.

The Hathors who are the Masters of Sound and Love have formulated this ancient yet new holographic techniques which they termed "Holographic Sound Healing" which they themselves have tested for our use in healing, interdimensional travel and spiritual ascension and have channeled them through Paul Hubbert for raising individual and collective vibrational levels of consciousness.

According to Hathor Materials, The Hathors are an interesting part of our genetic memories. We receive information about them from the grids which created the program which creates our reality. That program is generated from the main crystal in the Great Pyramid which connects to 12 other pyramids that formed a matrix, grid system, when the program was created. This program allows us to tap into our genetic memories of past lives in other programs wherein we encountered higher level beings.

The Hathors are supposedly a race of beings from the higher dimensions of Venus. They are masters of the grid of sound and tones. With that comes the language of vibration as well as the tones of the Urim and Thumim the breastplate of the high Gods. With that comes the lock and key tones to the dimensional gates and portals.

As taught by the Hathors through the proper use of vowel sounds, crystals, colors, crystal gridwork, holograms of love and thoughtforms (active visualizations) which activate our chakras and light body to a very great degree, spiritual ascension or celestial contact is made possible.

From my intense spiritual experiences when practicing Holographic Sound Healing techniques, I can vouch that its techniques have the key sound and tones to the dimensional gates and portals for celestial contacts in the fifth dimension.

Holographic Sound, as described by the Hathors, is a merging of sound vibration with holographic energy, bringing sound to its true and natural state of being. Its application with the Unity Merkaba and understanding the meaning and application of Holographic Sound through the Hathors energy, Archangel Michael and Mother Mary are the keys to the whole secret to why Holographic Sound Healing works.

Mother Mary
Mother Mary
All-Seeing Eye
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hathors, masters of sound and love

Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael

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