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Supreme Ultimate (Yin and Yang) Force
Tai Qi

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Pranic Healing

Holographic Sound Healing
Color, Sound and Qi Movement
hathors, masters of sound and love
Holographic Sound Healing
Facilitated by
Yogi Sharanananda
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hathors, masters of sound and love

In the practice of Tai Chi Chi Kung, the increased energy flow developed through the Microcosmic Orbit is integrated into ordinary movement, so that the body learns more efficient ways of utilizing energy in motion. Improper body movements restrict energy flow causing energy blockages, poor posture, and in some cases, serious illness. Quite often, back problems are the result of improper posture, accumulated tension, weakened bone structure, and psychological stress.

Master Mantak Chia, Awaken Healing Light of the Tao

Seven Fashions of Qi Gong & Holographic Sound Healing

As a Crystal Pranic Healer or Qi Gong Master, I practice the Microcosmic Orbit meditation (passive yin Qi exercise) and my teacher Dr. Leung's Seven Fashions of Qi Gong exercises (active yang physical movements, moving meditation) after doing the Holographic Sound Healing meditation techniques to circulate, preserve, and store the vital life force energy (acquired Qi) generated during Holographic Sound Healing meditation.

All the seven movements are done passively letting internal Qi from the Lower Dantien (navel chakra) to power the legs, arms, neck, hands and other parts of the body through willful intention of the mind. The goal is to relax the tension of the body and mind which will add acquired Qi and preserve the ancestral Qi stored in the navel chakra (storage battery) thereby healing the body if one is sick or maintaining (preserving) the Qi when one is in a state of health.

At the start and end of the Qi Gong movements, the Ascend/Descend and Explain/Unite hand movements are done 3X each.

The seven movements are done 4X to 7X as follows:

  1. Raise, lower hands

  2. Jing Tui - Step forward and backward with hands on navel and hands on the back close to the kidneys.

  3. Step forward with arms swinging forward and backward.

  4. Single Standing (balancing on each leg).

  5. Body Swing (spinal twist).

  6. Wash Face (stimulate meridians on the front and sides of the face and head.

  7. Remissness Step (stepping forward while swinging arms to sides).

Adding Qi Gong movements - through Dr. Leung's Seven Fashion of Qi Gong exercises - to the activation of chakras, color, sound, merkaba, crystal bowl, and crystals of Holographic Sound healing completes the circulation of energy in our Pranic body (Ka) thereby strengthening and grounding it to Mother Earth's energy further.

I am recommending my clients to learn these particular Qi Gong techniques together with Holographic Sound Healing and Microcosmic Orbit meditation to further enhance their body's own self-healing power, strengthen the immune system, become rooted to earth's energy and balance, clear and heal the chakras and energy channels (meridians) of the body through Color, Sound, Merkaba and Qi Movement.

According to Renee Brodie, "We need to work on the idea of marrying sound and colour and movement. In truth, the three are not really separate, but work together, complementing each other to make us whole. This means that the colour (of a high vibration) is connected with Light and affects the higher subtle bodies. It touches the soul body and higher mental body. When we join colour with sound, the latter reaches the emotional and lower mental bodies. Add to these two the movement (of Chi through the practice of Tai Chi or Qi Gong), and this then touches the physical and etheric bodies. Why chi? Because it reaches into all the meridians (as opposed to dance, which touches vibrations, but not as deeply as chi energy - essential energy of living organisms and the Universe)."

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Qi Gong (Qi Cultivation thru Movement)

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