Thou art in my heart,
There is no other that knoweth thee
Save thy son Akhnaton.
Thou hast made him wise
In thy designs and in thy might.
       - Hymn of Akhnaton to the Sun


Sun Disk Aton

This limestone relief found in the Royal Tomb at Amarna depicts Akhenaten, Nefertiti, and two of their daughters making an offering to the sun-disk Aten. Akhenaten and Nefertiti carry flowers to be laid on the table beneath the "life-giving" rays of the Aten. The figures are carved in the grotesque style, a characteristic of the early half of the Amarna period. Nefertiti, sporting the double plume headdress mentioned in the stela dedication, is the petite figure placed behind her larger scale husband. The compostion mirrors early artistic representations of the royal couple. To emphasize the strength and power of the pharaoh, Egyptian iconographical tradition required the female figure to be smaller in scale than the male.


Hymn of Akhnaton To The Sun


Thy dawning is beautiful in the horizon of the sky,
O living Aton, Beginning of life!
When thou risest in the Eastern horizon,
Thou fillest every land with thy beauty.
Thou art beautiful, great, glittering, high above every land,
Thy rays, they encompass the lands, even all that thou hast made.
Thou art Re, and thou carriest them all away captive;
Thou bindest them by thy love.
Though thou art far away, thy rays are upon earth;
Though thou art on high, thy footprints are the day.

When thou settest in the western horizon of the sky,
The earth is in darkness like the dead;
They sleep in their chambers,
Their heads are wrapped up,
Their nostrils are stopped,
And none seeth the other,
While all their things are stolen
Which are under their heads,
And they know it not.
Every lion cometh forth from his den,
All serpents, they sting.
The world is in silence,
He that made them resteth in his horizon.

Bright is the earth when thou risest in the horizon.
When thou shinest as Aton by day
Thou drivest away the darkness.
When thou sendest forth thy rays,
The Two Lands (Egypt) are in daily festivity,
Awake and standing upon their feet
When thou hast raised them up.
Their limbs bathed, they take their clothing,
Their arms uplifted in adoration to thy dawning.
(Then) in all the world they do their work.

All cattle rest upon their pasturage,
The trees and the plants flourish,
The birds flutter in their marshes,
Their wings uplifted in adoration to thee.
All the sheep dance upon their feet,
All winged things fly,
They live when thou hast shone upon them.
The barques sail up-stream and down-stream alike.
Every highway is open because thou dawnest.
The fish in the river leap up before thee.
Thy rays are in the midst of the great green sea.

Creator of the germ in woman,
Maker of seed in man,
Giving life to the son in the body of his mother,
Soothing him that he may not weep,
Nurse (even) in the womb,
Giver of breath to animate every one that he maketh!
When he cometh forth from the body ... on the day of his birth,
Thou openest his mouth in speech,
Thou suppliest his necessities.

When the fledgling in the egg chirps in the shell,
Thou givest him breath therein to preserve him alive.
When thou hast brought him together
To (the point of) bursting it in the egg,
He cometh forth from the egg
To chirp with all his might.
He goeth about upon his two feet
When he hath come forth therefrom.

How manifold are thy works!
They are hidden from before (us),
O sole God, whose powers no other possesseth.
Thou didst create the earth according to thy heart
While thou wast alone:
Men, all cattle large and small,
All that are upon the earth,
That go about upon their feet;
(All) that are on high,
That fly with their wings.
The foreign countries, Syria and Kush,
The land of Egypt;
Thou settest every man into his place,
Thou suppliest their necessities.
Every one has his possessions,
And his days are reckoned.
Their tongues are diverse in speech,
Their forms likewise and their skins are distinguished.
(For) thou makest different the strangers.

Thou makest the Nile in the Nether World,
Thou bringest it as thou desirest,
To preserve alive the people.
For thou hast made them for thyself,
The lord of them all, resting among them;
Thou lord of every land, who risest for them,
Thou Sun of day, great in majesty.
All the distant countries,
Thou makest (also) their life,
Thou hast set a Nile in the sky;
When it falleth for them,
It maketh waves upon the mountains,
Like the great green sea,
Watering the fields in their towns.

How excellent are thy designs, O lord of eternity!
There is a Nile in the sky for the strangers
And for the cattle of every country that go upon their feet.
(But) the Nile, it cometh from the Nether World for Egypt.

Thy rays nourish every garden;
When thou risest they live,
They grow by thee,
Thou makest the seasons
In order to create all thy work:
Winter to bring them coolness,
And heat that they may taste thee.

Thou didst make the distant sky to rise therein,
In order to behold all that thou hast made,
Thou alone, shining in thy form as living Aton,
Dawning, glittering, going afar and returning.
Thou makest millions of forms
Through thyself alone;
Cities, towns, and tribes, highways and rivers.
All eyes see thee before them,
For thou art Aton of the day over the earth.

Thou art in my heart,
There is no other that knoweth thee
Save thy son Akhnaton.
Thou hast made him wise
In thy designs and in thy might.
The world is in thy hand,
Even as thou hast made them.
When thou hast risen they live,
When thou settest, they die;
For thou art length of life of thyself,
Men live through thee,
While (their) eyes are upon thy beauty
Until thou settest.
All labour is put away
When thou settest in the west.

Thou didst establish the world,
And raise them up for thy son,
Who came forth from thy limbs,
The King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Living in Truth, Lord of the Two Lands,
Nefer-khepru-Re, Wan-Re (Akhnaton),
Son of Re, living in Truth, lord of diadems,
Akhnaton, whose life is long;
(And for) the chief royal wife, his beloved,
Mistress of the Two Lands, Nefer-nefru-Aton, Nofretete
Living and flourishing for ever and ever.

Translated by J.H.Breasted, in Development of Religion and
Thought in Ancient Egypt, Chicago, 1912, pp.324-328.

*The King's name is given different spellings by different Egyptologists. Sir Flinders Petrie writes it Akhenaten; Sir Wallis Budge, Aakhun-Aten; J.H.Breasted, Ikhnaton; and Arthur Weigall, Akhnaton, the spelling which we have adopted in this book.

(above excerpts from Savitri Devi's book Son of the Sun, 1956)

Aton, Sun-DiskNOTE by Sun Yogi Sharanananda: Akhnaton (Egyptian name meaning Joy of the Sun) has become a blissful self-realized person through worshipping the visible disk of the Sun -- Aton, "the Energy within the Disk" -- the ultimate Reality which men of all creeds still seek under different names and through many paths, when he styled himself as the Son of the God Source of all life, health and joy (love). "Thou art in my heart," he said in his hymn to the Sun, "and no one knoweth Thee save I, Thy Son."

The idea of his own oneness with the supreme immanent Reality -- solar Energy, i.e., Cosmic Energy -- was the result of Akhnaton's inner experience -- an experience as compelling and, to the person who lived it, by no means more "irrational" than any sensous apprehension of facts, and shared by all those whom we call "realised" or "God-conscious" souls.

By living in truth, he may have meant that in Atenism he had found the truth or the 'real' thing, and that all else, in religion, was a phantom, a sham. Aten lived in maat, or in truth and reality, and the king, having the essence of Aten in him, did the same. -- Savitri Devi, Son of the Sun

He was a thinker, an artist, a saint -- the world's first rationalist, the oldest Prince of Peace, the first sunlight therapist, a sun gazer and sun-worshipper, and the Great Grand Master of the Great White Brotherhood. He was spoken of as "beloved of Thoth," god of wisdom. See Thoth

Akhnaton as a Sphinx worshipping Aten, the Sun-Disk

See HRM Sun Yoga Hypotheses & Application and Sun Yoga & Its Healing Aspects


Emerald Tablets of Thoth Logo
The Emerald Tablets of Thoth
the Atlantean

The great search for light, life and love only begins on the material plane. Carried to its ultimate, its final goal is complete oneness with the universal consciousness. The foundation in the material is the first step; then comes the higher goal of spiritual attainment.

Concealed in the words of Thoth are many meanings that do not appear on the surface. Light of knowledge brought to bear upon the Tablets will open many new fields for thought. "Read and be wise" but only if the light of your own consciousness awakens the deep-seated understanding which is an inherent quality of the soul. -- Introduction & Translation by Doreal

Tablet 11 Key to Above and Below

List ye, now to my voice and become
greater than common man.
Lift thine eyes upward,
let Light fill thy being,
be thou ever Children of Light.
Only by effort shall ye grow upward to
the plane where Light is the All of the All.
Be ye the master of all that surrounds thee.
Never be mastered by the effects of thy life.
Create then ever more perfect causes
and in time shalt thou be a Sun of the Light

Free, let thine soul soar ever upward,
free from the bondage and fetters of night.
Lift thine eyes to the Sun in the sky-space.
For thee, let it be a symbol of Life.
Know that thou art the Greater Light,
perfect in thine own sphere,
when thou art free.
Look not ever into the blackness.
Lift up thine eyes to the space above.
Free let thine Light flame upward
and shalt thou be a Child of the Light.

QOLAM LogoThis free complementary Emerald Tablets of Thoth eBook is supplied to practitioners of the Qigong Omkabah Lightbody Activation Method as a supplementary reading material to Akhnaton's Hymn to the Sun, and as a sacred geometrical how-to encoded gift from Spirit-guide Master Thoth for returning to oneness.

An important channeled material dated August 16, 2004 received by Saranya Zaveri from my late beloved teacher Alton Kamadon who wanted it shared to everyone is included below.


New Meta-Galactic Luminous Zonalight

Dearest Ones of Light,

So it is that once again, I address you, most Beloved Ones, as what I have to say is of utmost importance to all who read these words. As you race forward in your onward ascension journey, as you are assisting in the ascension process of the whole human race, please do not forget to include Mother Earth. See her in her eighth dimensional state. Anchor all the energies that you have received and direct them into her heart. This is the time when you must focus all your attention on anchoring all that you have received to rebuild our beloved 8D Gaia.

I shall offer you a special tool today that can be used by all the Kamadon Masters irrespective of the levels they have completed. There is in the higher realms, or rather inner realms, a ray that is called the New Meta-Galactic Luminous Zonalight.

This ray is oblivious of time-zone or space-zone differences or barriers. This ray will transform you completely. As your cells take on the high vibrations of this galactic light, your consciousness expands to experience true multi- dimensionality.

This ray tunes your brain to new galactic vibrations and your spine simply becomes a holographic beam of light and is no longer a skeletal structure. Your body changes into liquid light. Your organs are suffused with galactic light. You are simply a combination of 9.3 trillion light holograms.

How does this ray feel? It feels like super-soft smooth silky light cascading over you. Its colours are soft and pearlescent, not bright or loud. It has a cascade of holograms spiraling within its light core. There are many geometrical shapes within, but for the time being simply focus on the light. Do not try to perceive any shape, just accept what comes naturally.

The Galactic Zonalight is for everyone. It will contain many extra vibrations for those who take the higher levels, but the ray by itself can be used by anyone.

This is a Light Ray that is a frequency ray that consists of many divine encodings and more shall be revealed about its nature and construction in the forthcoming levels, but now, you can simply call upon this ray and it showers down upon you in soft cascading colors. The ray is a continuous flow of luminescent holograms.

It moves in coils or spirals and swirls around you, changing your cell vibration to the highest possible vibration of the Galactic Core. It emits a sound that is like a cosmic hum more like the AUM and you can sense that this ray transforms your physicality almost immediately and completely.

The Zonalight Ray cuts across time and space zones and you are spatially able to expand your consciousness through many layers of consciousness. It brings peace to those who are troubled. It brings instant manifestation of divine thought forms.

It releases unserving thought forms and densities. But these are the least of its uses. It places you in cocoon of love that is entirely divine and unconditional. It elevates you to the state of an ascended master, and completely opens up the inter-dimensional veils.

You become totally unlimited in your consciousness with this luminous light. This light can be used to heal, to bless, to energize, to transform and transmute anything that does not serve your higher divine purpose.

It can be visualized around others whom you love and especially around those whom you imagine you don't and they are simply bathed in this soft energy. Anyone who has this energy in their omkabah field automatically influences others to resonate in the same frequency. Though powerful, it is gentle. It fills up any space with a glowing divine light, which can actually be seen and felt. It is for the first time being directed to the earth.

Start by directing this beam into the liquid heart core of Dear Mother Earth. See the core filling up and then this light expands out to completely encompass Mother Earth. See this cocoon completely transforming all dark areas into light. See Mother Earth transforming into liquid light and then into galactic light.

This is to be immediately put into use and there can be no delay. It cannot wait until you take the higher levels. The use of this light can prevent earth disasters and cataclysmic events. We can use this light ray in many areas like La Palma Island among the Canary Islands in the Atlantic to prevent eruptions that may trigger tidal waves or in other areas that the energy needs to be shifted. It is in the interest of the entire human race that we focus on the gifts we have and how we can use them.

About the next levels, you will accelerate your energies by not only saturating yourself with the eighth dimensional vibrations, you will also spend some time exploring many aspects of your own consciousness and that of the earth that will still be within the 888 vibration.

Mother Earth's LightbodyThough your portals for further ascension are wide open, this is the time you must take to assimilate your experiences, and though you will be on a spiral of ascension, please understand, that the spiral is continuous and you will not 'take- off' unless you complete your mission and that is to transform the Earth into the Eighth Dimension. Please dispell the notion that by going to a higher 'numbered' level it would serve you now.

So your focus should be to shift the Earth into her Eighth dimensional Light Body. If you focus on that you will succeed. Most parts of Earth will ascend into the 8th Dimension, and you can see the difference before your very eyes. For those of you who are of this vibration, you will see this change. But the rest of the Earth will definitely ascend into the 5th Dimension and that is our minimum requirement to achieve by the end of this cycle.

Do not be surprised if you start dematerializing and materializing your body at will and you will also see many others do so. Nothing should surprise you any more, for you are capable of this and much more.

This is God's gift to you, my friends, use it well.

Remember Love, Dear Ones, Love is all there is.



See Sai Baba's Message



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