The one way to reach the truth is to abandon discursive argument and approach
it yogically, that is to say by cultivating direct perception.
- John Blofeld

The true qigong awakens understanding from the heart so people can have
a natural life rooted in unconditional love.
- Master Li Jun Feng


Lady Kuan Yin sitting on a lotus and blessing you

Therefore should the mind be constantly fixed on her - Lotus Sutra

Purple Lotus

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(The A Kuan Yin Way for Awakening Unconditional Love Within Your Inner Heart & Whole Body eBook includes Sananda, the Cosmic Christ and the Taoist Immortals; Lady Kuan Yin; OM MANI PADME HUM; Puji Si Kuan Yin Temple, Pu Tuo Shan; and Meditation Techniques for ascension, healing, and whole body enlightenment)


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Purple Lotus

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