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Hathors, masters of sound and love

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For over 20 years I have suffered frequent pains from the liver as a result of damage to this vital organ. At a weekend workshop facilitated by Paul Hubbert, using crystal bowls and other sounds, I became willing to release this history. On a following day I received a personal healing from Paul and have never been bothered by pain since. Paul, with humility and love, is able to bring his client into a state of "Grace" during a healing session. A year has gone by and I'm so grateful to be still free of pain.
God bless you, Paul.
Ashleigh K. Ryane (June 1999)

Right Eye of Horus
Learn to Heal the Body through the Chakras with Holographic Sound!
hathors, masters of sound and love
Holographic Sound Healing
Facilitated by
Yogi Sharanananda
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hathors, masters of sound and love

When you do sound healing, the sound resonates from you and moves energy to remove unwanted blocks or beliefs, like a thread between you and the other person. Sound stirs energy at deep levels, releasing all emotions and increasing the flow of intention. Cells have vibrational memories and just have to be reminded to release and balance themselves.

Renee Brodie, The Healing Tones of Crystal Bowls

Healing with Sound

"What made me interested in healing with sound? Why does Healing with Sound work?" you might have asked.

Whenever I am listening to my CDs such as Angel Love and Elevation 2 during my meditation sessions and also whenever I am playing my piano, singing my kareoke and especially tuning my crystal bowl during holographic sound healing that I always noticed the supportive effect of music and sound to the strength, power and expansion of my consciousness and light body Merkaba especially its soothing effect to my feeling or emotional nature.

There has to be a reason or an explanation to why sound has this effect to my emotional body which was answered by Barbara Marciniak's Bringers of Dawn - Teachings from the Pleiadians book, "Emotion, because it brings feeling and connects you to feeling, allows you to recognize different states of consciousness. The logical mind does not allow you to recognize states of consciousness because it holds onto its own identity. It is locked into the boundary of ego and does not want to recognize other areas. Feeling, however, always acknowledges other areas because feeling discerns the difference. You can read the signs and the definitions by the energy that you call feeling. It is, in actuality, a vibration. Sound brings about states of emotional feeling. When you create harmonics of sound, it reminds your body of something. It reminds your body of Light, of deep Cosmic love and other worlds. Your body comes into joy and sometimes overwhelmingly into sadness. It seeks and accesses a frequency that it has been longing for, of which the sound has reminded it. As you allow your sound to play your body, you discover a frequency that you have sought. This frequency is connected to the evolution of the helixes within your body. Sound is a vehicle or conduit to connect you to the higher chakras outside your body because you do not have a way of accessing them logically. You must access all frequencies and chakra centers by feelings, and sound will connect you with feeling, which will allow you to understand the information.

If sound could be pictured, some of you would become entranced with watching it. There are realities where sound does picture itself. You feel the movement and language of sounds when you wave your body or move your hands. You experience the richness of this form of communication and how multi-dimensional all things are by feeling sound express itself. It has its own language, and it has a form."

As a registered acupuncturist of BC, I have always been searching for alternative healing technologies I could integrate with my Traditional Chinese medical modalities. Sound healing is definitely a very powerful healing modality as discovered by a fellow French acupuncturist and musician, Fabien Maman. Dr. Carolyn Shreeve's Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine article called "How Far is Sound & Colour Therapy Medicine of the Future?" where she quoted, "Maman also teaches his patients to sing the curative note, rather like a chant or a mantra. He has synthesized aspects of his knowledge of sound with the use of movement, meditation and colour into a complete healing system. Movement (he uses Qi Gong) regenerates the life force in the meridians. This he believes links us to cosmic energy and when practiced with our fundamental sound, starts up vibrations within the individual's morphogenetic field.

It may well be true, as Fabien Maman claims, that colour links us to the energy of the planets, that it can be used to "clarify the astral plane," and that sound, because it surrounds vibrating particles and increases their spin, facilitates their expansion and widens our field of consciousness. Maman's research with cancer and sound may turn out to be one of the most significant and exciting discoveries of this century.

Maman's particular contribution has been to discover that certain specific sound frequencies transmitted to acupuncture points by Tuning Forks are as effective as needles in treating patients. His interest was further stimulated by his meeting with the French physicist and musician, Joel Sternheimer. Sternheimer has discovered that elementary particles vibrate at frequencies in accordance with musical laws; he views the material world as an aspect of music. Since then, Maman and Sternheimer have worked together, successfully investigating the harmonic and melodic equivalents of living matter. They claimed they have found that all meridian lines, acupuncture points, tissues and organs have their own individual "musical note". Moreover, they are in constant state of flux, affected by such factors as the seasons, time of day and night and so on, and therefore have constantly changing sound equivalents.

A particlular achievement of the pair has been the transposition of the characteristic vibratory resonance of certain key molecules into their lower frequency musical equivalents. The effect of this is to slow down the vibrational rate of the molecules concerned. Maman contends that this process has enormously important therapeutic implications in that it can be used both to stimulate healthy human cells and to harmonise and heal sick ones. He also emphasises the adverse effects of environmental noise, which should be significantly reduced if the human organism is to reach its potential of vitality and well-being. In his clinical research, with the biologist Helene Grimaud and others, he discovered that blood cells, subjected to a chromatic scale of sound frequencies, became colored and altered their shape according to the particular frequency employed. The note A (440 hertz) changed them to Pink, C made them longer, E made them round, and D produced considerable colour variety.

When Cancer Cells were subjected likewise to a chromatic scale, their intracellular components started to lose definition as the scale ascended, and generally disintegrated between A (440 hertz) and B. Individual cells have "personal" qualities related to the overall condition of the person from whom they are taken. This partly accounts for the fact that when sound is used therapeutically, cure is achieved in some cases and not in others. Maman determines the level at which energy is depleted - physical, etheric, astral, mental, psychic or spiritual - and decides which sound frequency to use through pulse examination, the use of instinct and by listening to the patient's voice. Just as the correct note is therapeutic, so inappropriate ones can cause damage. Sounds are therefore highly specific in each case, and are applied through tuning forks to acupuncture points or chakras (energy centers), or by means of headphones." [author:plus Crystal Bowl Therapy and Holographic Sound Healing!] Please read The Cure and Cause of Cancer is Within You!


You can be a Master of Sound & Love by ordering thru KAGI or the e-book Holographic Sound Healer, Master of Sound and Love NOW.

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