"Energizing water bio-energetically is one of the most powerful meditation techniques for health and spiritual development." - Yogi Sharanananda

Energizing Water Bio-energetically
Energizing Water Bio-energetically

One of the most powerful Cosmic Heart Spiral of Love meditation techniques for health and spiritual development is energizing water bio-energetically. The aura or spiritual light body of the person expands exponentially a thousand fold after drinking water that is energized bio-energetically by a Sananda Christed Master.

The holding storing property of water similar to a crystal's storage property explains the health and spiritual benefits in drinking the bio-energetically energized water. Because our body is composed of 75% water, drinking bio-energetically energized water adds pure Light frequency which cleanses and tonifies our body's lympathic, circulatory, digestive and meridian system resulting in the alleviation of most health problems and expansion of the meridians and chakras of the energy light body. Kirlian images indicate that bio-charged drops of water has more than 30 times stronger Aura vibration and significantly altered physical and biological properties. Water charged with a Sananda Christed Master's energy makes it a more potent vehicle for nutrition and well-being.

What makes the water energized? What is the energy called? The energy is called Prana (Universal life force).

The prana is a vital metaphysical Life force and Light frequency, that exists universally, which underlies all physical actions of the body. It causes the circulation of the blood, movement of cells, and all motions which life of the body depends. It is a force sent forth from the nervous and meridian system by an effort of the will to direct healing.

Prana also is known by different names such as Qi in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine, Ki in Japanese medicine and martial arts, and Shakti in East Indian Yoga or Ayurvedic Medicine.

The individual receives prana, Qi, Ki, or shakti from the sun (see sun gazing), food eaten, spring or distilled water drank, and air breathed. All force or energy received comes from one primal source, and everyone can increase their supply and give it as a "gift" to others through meditation, healing or energizing the water and food eaten. By the act of living spiritually, each receives this gift and therefore can freely share it with others.

Bio-energy healing (an important technique of Cosmic Heart Spiral of Love - Shakti Sun Yoga of Manifestation) is done by sending prana (the "universal life force") from the practitionerís body or hands to diseased or affected parts of another personís body. The force stimulates cells and tissues, restores normal activity, and allows waste material to leave the system. It involves the use of cleansing waves or passes, the laying on of hands or energizing the water and food eaten.

Lastly, the effectiveness of Bio-energy holographic healing, and energizing the water and food eaten depends upon the spiritual development of the practitioner. The meditation and bio-energy holographic healing techniques taught at the Cosmic Heart Spiral of Love Workshop presented by Yogi Sharanananda has one goal, i.e. to become a Sananda Christed Master in unity with Spirit and synchronized with the Power of Now. One can become masterfully effective not only in Bio-energy holographic healing and energizing the water and food eaten but also gifted with intuition, creativity, clairvoyance, distance healing, abundance, bi-location, teleportation and channeling abilities when one has become a Christed Being, a bridge between heaven and earth.

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