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Cosmic Heart Spiral of Love Logo
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"The pentagram as a symbol, along with its number 5 is the finest symbol of the Christic Principle." - Yogi Sharanananda

555 Sacred Geometric Pattern
555 Sacred Geometric Pattern

The number 555 represents the
vibration of Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

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Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai 'Tsebayoth

Overseen by Lady Kuan Yin
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This is a password protected ebook for Sananda Christed Masters
who have completed the Cosmic Heart Spiral of Love Workshop.
The downloadable ebook is the Cosmic Heart Spiral of Love
Workshop Supplement eBook.

The above encoded Qi Generator Applet with Tzolkin image (not shown above) and meditation instruction
can be used for healing and ascension of consciousness and can be ordered in diskette form through Paypal.
(Cosmic Heart Spiral of Love ® with 555 Pentagram, Dreamspell calendar/oracle and Mantras Applets included)

As bonus upon purchase, you will receive a FREE 3D, tumbling cubes screensaver with images of Ascended Masters Melchizedek, Sananda, Metatron, Kuan Yin, Buddha and Thoth you can display in your computer.

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