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Quotes on Sense of Future, Feedback Frame, and Mirroring

"The future is the greatest way we can learn from failure, but the "future" I am talking about here is a sense of future. In order to have a sense of future you must be able to perceive it as being other than the present and the past; that's why it offers you countless possibilities. Because the future is unknown, things are possible that otherwise wouldn't be. When the time that comes after now is experienced as the same as the present or the past, you do not really have a sense of the future. And to transform failure into feedback, to make something new happen, you must have a sense of the future as a time that has never yet existed."

   "Feedback is active. You're doing something about the failure; you're learning; you're changing what you do and how you do it through the new information you've gathered.
   You do that by looking into the future. The future is not simply then instead of now, as if you were choosing between different types of muffins. It's a sense of time as something different from what you've known before: the future as you haven't experienced it, in which things have changed, you have changed, and life isn't exactly predictable based on what you're doing and feeling now. The time ahead of you offers the possibility of new approaches, new choices.
   Though you can't know the future (meaning tomorrow or next week or decades from now), you know it will come and that it will be different from whatever you've experienced in the past."


Is it so?
Do I feel that you feel towards me
Exactly as I feel towards you
In each tiny moment?

I better make sure
In each tiny moment
I feel about you
What I want you
To feel about me.

Mike Sands


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