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Shen Qi Jing
Shen, Qi and Jing Unity
Shen, Qi and Jing, the Three Treasures of PGMQ

"The teaching focuses essentially on the purification of Jing-Qi-Shen into its final product: the elixir of pure-person."
                             - Door to All Wonders


Heaven, Man and EarthThe five basic active principles of Pan Gu Mystical Qigong such as breath, posture, movement, relaxation, and concentration / visualization affect the Three Treasures -- Shen, Qi and Jing -- which form the basis and essential trinity of the physical, emotional and spiritual manifestation of an individual. The involvement of the five basic Qigong principles in relationship with the Three Treasures which correspond with the Three Pure Ones of Heaven, Earth and Man make it possible to answer the questions "What is happening to my body when I perform Pan Gu Shengong?" and "How does it work?"

In Pan Gu Shengong, posture and relaxation are included and emphasized. Breath and movement are emphasized while the concentration / visualization principle is of greater emphasis.

ShenAccording to Traditional Chinese Medical theory, the mind, or concentration / awareness is associated with the concept of Shen. Shen is one of the "three treasures" of life, Shen, Qi and Jing, or mind, energy and essence. These three treasures form the essential components of the living person. Shen, or mind, is the mental aspect, represented not only in the nervous system but also in the spiritual aspect of a person. The Shen denotes not only the focused activity of their nervous system, but also the Spirit of Pan Gu or sense of presence that a person brings forth when performing any activity. Moderately weak Shen often manifests itself as anxiety, mild depression or chronic restlessness. Very weak Shen is possibly indicated by deeper psychological problems.

QiQi is the vital energy of the body. It is the active motivating force not only of cellular metabolism but also the electromagnetic and subtle energies that are circulated in the acupuncture channels and collaterals of the body. This unique energy results from the interaction of yin and yang. It has been called "energy", "vital energy", "primal energy" and "life force". A healthy body is a wellspring of constant circulating Qi which moves around the body, in and out of the body, up and down within the body. Vibrant Qi has warming properties that bring about a sense of complete harmony and wellness.

JingJing, or essence, is the constitutional component that a person is born with, or the vital essence of the reproductive system that allows and drives us to procreate the species and ourselves. Its closest Western counterpart is DNA (our genetic material). This energy governs the developmental growth processes in the body and the rate and degree of determination of the body.

Sun Moon QigongWithin the tradition of the "three treasures", the Shen leads and controls the Qi and the Qi directs the Jing. The mind directs the vital energy which draws the essence with it. In practical terms, the Qi follows whatever the mind focuses on. The mind leads the Qi to a certain place. When the Qi is focused there and gathers the essence, substance will be formed. Physical change will occur. This explains how so many different systems of meditation and Qi Gong exercises can function, especially Pan Gu Shengong, the practice of the continuous interchange of Spirit or Shen Qi between man and the universe. When the essential component of concentration -- mind intent or Shen -- is brought to bear upon a certain idea and activity, it will function to make it work. Conversely, when practicing any activity in a mindless, unconcentrated mechanical manner the functionality of the most practical and simple method is severely impaired, drastically limiting its positive effects.

Tai ChiThe increased unity of original Shen, Qi, and Jing within a human makes possible a very long and healthy physical life and a true and lasting spiritual rebirth. When Shen, Qi and Jing are interacting harmoniously, our body, mind soul are balanced and harmonized resulting in individuals living a happy and healthy life. See Harmony among Heaven, Earth and Man and Range of Disease Cure

Tai Chi ChuanAccording to Master Ou's Qigong and Wugong (martial art) article, "The term "qigong" first appeared in the War Period of Chinese history. This representated the fact that qigong had already developed as a specific field of study. Afterward, qigong practice was divided into the Confucian, Buddist and Taoist schools. Today, there are over a thousand different qigong techniques and styles available. Although today's qigong is different in techniques and styles, the theories, principles and objectives remain the same. All employ methods to regulate the mind, breathing and body of the human while cultivating the Three Treasures of essence, qi and spirit to improve the physiologic functions, have a healthy body and live longer. It does not matter what style one is practicing, any technique is generally composed of moving and non-moving exercises. The moving exercises have some specific movements. However, the reason behind the movements is very different compared to the reasons behind wugong and other sports' movements. The movements in qigong are not for martial combat. They are used to strengthen the internal substances such as the skeleton, muscle functions, and to help better cultivate and store energy. In the non-moving exercises, it is better to suppress all extra mental activity so as to more effectively benefit the physiologic organs to refresh and restore themselves."1

According to Door to All Wonders, "The teaching focuses essentially on the purification of Jing-Qi-Shen into its final product: the elixir of pure-person. Jing is interpreted as the essence of our biophysical body. Qi manifests as psychopersonal energy between body and spirit. Shen represents the cosmic/wisdom spirit. The elixir is the particle that manifests as the true self...

In order to merge three into one, we must be in harmony, with two. Just as the book Tao Te Ching has two distinct sections, Tao and Te, our spiritual practice concerns the application of the seed of Tao -- spirit self, and the kind action of Te -- virtuous deeds. As the seed and love become one, we are our true spirit."2

See Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu's The Way and Its Power



1 Qigong and Wugong (Martial Art) by Master Ou Wen Wei

2 Door to All Wonders Application of the Tao Te Ching by Mantak Chia and Tao Huang, 2001.


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