"Heaven, Earth and I are living together, and all things
and I form an inseparable unity."
- Chuang Tzu

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Human Auric Light BodiesI believe that Pan Gu Shengong is a mystical qigong for returning to oneness because through its 5 practices that create harmony among Heaven, Earth and Man and morphic resonance, the original /essential Yuan /Shen Qi from the energy source -- Pan Gu is absorbed that is necessary for the unity of spirit and kundalini with the universe.

I also believe that as one of the 5 practices -- studying the Pan Gu Shengong theory -- an understanding of who are we? where did we come from? why are we here? where are we going? Who is Pan Gu or God? and What is Spirit? have to be obtained first before we can truly return to oneness with Spirit, the Cosmic Soul of the universe, and become a divine medium. Fortunately for us, the theory and evolution of Pan Gu Mystical Qigong by Master Ou Wen Wei provided the answers to these philosophical questions.

The questions on Genesis such as Where did we come from? Who is Pan Gu or God? were already answered at Who is Pan Gu? The questions Where are we going? Why are we here? and What is Spirit? are now answered in the following theories:

Shen, Qi and Jing UnityAccording to Master Ou Wen Wei's Theory and Evolution of Pan Gu Mystical Qigong, "Looking on the surface of things, the Earth seems to be mankind's 'mother body'; but in reality, the universe is still the basic 'mother body'. The Earth is only a little baby in the universe. Judging from this fact, human life originated from the universe. The question which is worth thinking posits that: the theory of evolution, approved by modern science, is identical in many respects in content and in reason with the saying of Pan Gu opening the Heaven and the Earth and of his breeding mankind and creating things.

Heaven, Man and EarthFirst came the breeding by nature. The "lifeless things" (the elements of matter or particles). They accumulated, sublimated, evolved, and became the senior living beings which had intelligence (the ability of thought), and which were endowed with a sacred mission: to reform nature in order. This reformation should be carried on in conformity with the relation of the Heaven and Earth (the law of nature), otherwise it will be punished by the Heaven (namely calamity). The environmental pollution of today has mercilessly proved this to be so. As a result, the most important duty of mankind is to thoroughly understand the true features and the inner relationship of various things in the Heaven and Earth (the universe) so as to conform and make use of those relationships to reform nature and bring happiness to mankind. Only by doing so, can a more peaceful, better and everlasting life be obtained.

The ancient philosophical thought regarding these questions has already been put out dialectically. Harmony means combination, things coexist in tune and are very intimate with each other, conform to each other's characteristic, learn from and help each other to make up each other's weaknesses, do only those things which are beneficial to others, and never do things which are harmful to others. By doing so, they can more cooperatively develop toward their common ideal. This is the relationship between the Heaven, Earth and man. Take a small family as an example. When the husband and the wife, the father and son, brothers and sisters can live and work together with one heart, strive together, and love each other dearly, then they will surely be a harmonious and happy family.

The condition of man and all things is like this. In the microcosmic material world, any molecule of matter is combined in order by atoms and electrons. Here "in order" refers to the harmony of coexistence. Once the harmony is destroyed, disturbance and struggle will be brought about, even altering the features of the material world.

The condition of both small and large things are like this. Therefore, no matter what things mankind is going to alter, the "order" (inner relationship and the rules) should be understood first, thus getting them in accord with the rule. Only by doing this can mankind get twice the results from half the effort. Otherwise, things will go contrary to the original wish.

Through careful observation and practice from various things in the Heaven, Earth and man, I hold that the essential relationships between man and man, man and thing, thing and thing, in the world and in the universe, are coexisting while opposing one another; they are tolerant then stable; they are harmonious and then resonant. This is, after all, the highest natural dialectics and the fundamental law of the universe.

We now clearly understand the positive significance embodied in the old legend of Pan Gu's opening of the Heaven and the Earth. First, this legend reflects the fundamental law of the universe. Second, in order not to let down the great task entrusted by Chaos, Pan Gu devoted himself to the cause of creating things and breeding man. Such a noble spirit should be held in high esteem!


ShenThe word "spirit" is apt to bring up many associations in the minds of the people who are vivid in thought. If the two Chinese characters "Jin Shen" (meaning 'Spirit') are divided and the latter is studied, one will feel even more puzzled. There are three definitions of the character 'Shen' in most Chinese dictionaries: (1) It is called by superstitious believers as the creator of Heaven, Earth and all things, as well as demon or spirit of the deceased, who are their worship of idols. (This explanation still have two other meanings: a) extraordinary, extremely super-excellent; b) unbelievable, most curious.) (2) mental vigor, thinking ability, attention. (3) air, expression. (See Shen, Qi and Jing)

We will not evaluate for the time being if these definitions are suitable and complete or not, yet to think and study them will the word "shen" even more confusing to us. With the exception of the "expression" explained in the third item, which is slightly concrete, the rest of the explanations are invisible and untouchable and are hard to describe and express with accurate and precise words. Thus, they are unable to be set in a range and standard with a precise yardstick. What measure can we use to confirm their existence or not?

From the objective point of view, there are many things in the world that are untouchable and invisible to human beings. Take the body of everyone. There is spirit, thought (or thinking ability), and vitality. These are all invisible and untouchable, yet undeniable. The most outstanding characteristic of these things is that they all exist opposite of material things and have their subjective initiative. Therefore, terms such as "spirit and matter," "soul and flesh," are often spoken.

Modern scientific knowledge also tells us that: you can put two or more matter substances together to make a new matter, but you cannot create spirit or vitality. It is obvious that "spirit and matter" or "flesh and soul" are really two things with different properties. Modern science also enables us to understand that when a person dies naturally (without having suffered from any disease), the matters that construct his body was composed of are found without any loss -- only his vitality is exhausted and can no longer govern the material substances in his body to maintain the metabolism -- thus he passes away. We can see that though vitality attaches itself to matter, matter is by no means equal to vitality.

Now a question is put solemnly: Aside from the three elements of time, space and matter in the universe, there is still another element: Spirit. Spirit is what we might as well generally call those kind of things that belong neither to time and space nor to the material realm.

The fundamental meaning of Spirit refers to the initiative ability that surpasses the material realm. Time, space, matter and spirit are the four great elements of the universe -- the composition of which amplify myriads of things. If the composition is good, the derivatives will be more stable and long lasting; if not, they will be turbulent, unresting and meet a premature end. Such a condition can also be found in our body. The degree of good or bad composition of spirit and matter, of flesh and soul will directly influence the result of the deriving things. These kind of compositions certainly run through the relationship of "existing while opposing, being tolerant then stable, being harmonious then resonant," so as to measure their good and bad and make the choice of whether to accept or reject!

The natural law which we are all familiar has an item that goes: "the survival of the fittest, the elimination of the unfit". But what is "fit"? "Fit" means "suit" or "adapt." That is, to accommodate mutually, and not to harm each other, but to complement each other. Then everything can live peacefully and be everlasting! Is not the fine circulation in the natural world a good explanation on this question?

Any man with normal physiological functions may not deny that man is provided with vitality and thinking ability. Having obtained this basic cognition, we can carry on a detailed and reasonable corollary on the question of "the Spirit existing in the universe" which seems rather fantastic.

Heaven, Man and EarthMan is subordinate to the mother body: the earth. Does the earth that possesses man, then, permit the thinking ability and vitality of men to exist like their bodies? The answer is affirmative since they are in fact already existing. In other words, in the general conception of all things that are contained in the earth, there exists the Spirit (the vitality and the thinking ability as well as all initiative capacities that surpass the material features). We may briefy say, then, that there exists Spirit on Earth.

The Earth is subordinate to the universe, and is an element of the universe. People are sure to believe this point of view, because it is a fact which can not be denied. Thus, a conclusion may be drawn that now that the earth is subordinate to the universe, possesses Spirit, the universe that contains the earth certainly also possesses Spirit. Since the universe is boundless, the Spirit existing on the earth cannot fly out from the universe to look for a place to exist there. We may briefly say, then, that there is Spirit in the universe.

The confirmation of the existence of Spirit in the universe is tantamount to the cognizing of our mankind the existence of matter in the universe. This will certainly bring a qualitative leap in cognizing the actual state of the universe so as to carry on self-remolding and to reform the nature with the ever more appropriate and all-round knowledge as well as to bring happiness to mankind and to ourselves more effectively.

Could the existence of Spirit in the universe come into being relative to the features of the existence of matter? Considering the homologous relationship between the various things and matters in the world, a bold supposition may be put forward.

The existence of Spirit in the universe, like the existence of matter, is by no means confined only to the Earth. It has also the feature of conservation, the characteristic of order, even a stronger, tighter and more rigorous orderly feature -- for it possesses a subjective initiative capacity that surpasses matter. If this supposition is tenable, all enigmas in the universe will be easily solved, and we can make a reasonable and overall deduction about the true feature and essence of the universe and the origin and the development of a myriad of things.

The real feature of the universe is that: the universe is a boundless thing, without beginning or an end; the four elements, time, space, materials and Spirit constitute the whole body of the universe. The general body of the respective four elements possesses infinite characteristics, so they cannot be measured as to their number and length.

The universality and the individuality of the four elements in the universe are: with the exception of their universality of infinite, time, space and material are all passive, but Spirit is active; time, space and Spirit are invisible yet material is visible. Therefore time, space and Spirit seem visionary and indiscernible yet materials look real and true. In the commonly constituted mother body, they are mutually dependent on each other and are combinable and divisible. Division refers to the mother body and among others respectively, but no matter how they divide, they are unable to be divisible so far as to quit the mother body, since it is determined by the outstanding feature of the mother body: boundless and without beginning nor an end! Therefore the overall composition of them is eternal!

Time and space cannot fluctuate matter and material but are able to offer an infinitely spacious stage and time for the transformation and fluctuation of matter and material. In the family of material elements (particles), they may gather together or scatter. When they are perfectly scattered, they will dissociate and wander in space; when they gather, new materials will be produced (better to say material substance). Spirit possesses a characteristic corresponding to matter and may also gather or scatter in the family of its own body. Yet its expression is invisible (like man's thought), but once it takes part in the materials gathering and scattering (it may also be called as to carry on transformation in the combination with matter) the transformation and fluctuation of matter and thing will be more fantastic and strange and more orderly (rational and planned).

The fundamental relationship between the four elements, especially the relationship between Spirit and matter, are all co-existing while also in opposition, being tolerant than stable, being harmonious then resonant.

Since the universe possesses such natural characteristics and the four great elements constituting the universe are provided with these characteristics and relationship, we men and things of today that were bred unavoidably maintain and reflect more or less their features and relations.

Another question should now be emphasized, namely: What kind of materials and men will be bred by the composition of the four essential elements in the universe to fit most to their fundamental features and basic relation? In other words, they need a process of selection.

Through comparison and selection, a best scheme is adopted and put into effect. The human and the material world which were created at last by putting into effect such kinds of schemes will definitely be eternal. After all, eternity is the sublime form of expression of their universality and individuality.

Pan GuDid Pan Gu Really Exist?

Analyzing the view of "Spirit existing in the universe", the answer is affirmative: Pan Gu did in fact exist. Moreover, the form of his existence is none other than the following possibilities:

  1. He is the sublime representative of the Spirit in the universe;
  2. He is the sublime representative of Spirit and material in the universe,
  3. He is the sublime representative bred together by the four essential elements of the universe.

Provided that Pan Gu was not provided with one of the three possibilities, he would be unqualified to represent the universe to open up the Heaven and the Earth, to create things and to breed man.

By analyzing the essential elements (matter and thing) of the Earth and the Universe above, we can definitely draw the following supposition: Pan Gu is the sublime Spirit, possessing the greatest reason and might. He was bold enough to accept the mission from Chaos (or the ideal set by himself) and to make up his mind to reform the turbulent (disorder) Chaos into a methodical (orderly) universe and finally to create a harmonious fine eternal world. He then carried on the great practice, devoted his body heroically to create things and breed men, so as to get beneficial experiences and lessons and to realize the great ideal really afterward.

Since Pan Gu is the sublime Spirit and because both Spirit and matter possess the feature of conservation, although Pan Gu devoted his body (yet did not really die) his Spirit still exists. The Spirit of Pan Gu kept instructing his flesh and blood body to mingle into the Universal matter and to compose itself with them, to make experiments and practices of creating things and breeding men and to keep on to make summaries. He knew that in order to create a fine eternal world, one should exert his utmost. Pan Gu earnestly hoped that mankind bred by him could be admitted into the fine future. As such, he created a complex and agonizing world to temper the people, to enable them to be qualified to enter into eternity. In order to guide the people when they were in agony and in perplexity and to keep them from going astray -- as seen in the different periods of history -- Pan Gu used many ways to make people understand reason, to guide them to do good, to enable them to march forward to the peaceful and fine direction through exerting their utmost. See Inner Smile

Does it suddenly dawn upon us now the reason why our ancestors compiled the story dealing with "Pan Gu opening the Heaven and the Earth," and the positive and instructive significance it represents? Otherwise, how could our ancestors compile the natural dialectics with so abstruse and recondite various corresponding relations?

Having attained this profound understanding, we can cognize correctly the real value, meaning and direction of our own existence.

As for myself, it was because I had made repeated observations, experiences, ponderings and summaries on the above theories and things regarding to the Heaven, Earth and man, and because I had obtained after some curious and anguishing experiences over a ten year period some skill and techniques of curing sickness, I profoundly realized that I should devote my knowledge and skill to relieve more people from agony, to bring happiness to others and to myself at the same time. Thus I originated Pan Gu Mystical Gong.

Sun Moon QigongPan Gu Mystical Qigong was formulated according to the dialectical relations of various material substances and things embodied in the formation, the development, and the trend of the Heaven, the Earth, and man. Therefore, the mode of the Gong (exercise) condenses highly the advantageous factors for man and things in the universe, and it is provided with certain automatic adjustable functions. So long as the people who exercise this qigong form are willing to conduct themselves according to the principle of behaving, and the key philosophy of "Taking Kindness and Benevolence as Basis, Frankness and Friendliness to Heart," they can obtain all skills of curing disease, strengthening body, developing wisdom, and being peaceful and harmonius. After having indulged themselves in exercising the qigong movements and closely integrating this practice with the theory in the wonderful book, The Path of Life the practitioner will reach a wonderful realm of the universe and man being two into one. In other words, the spirit and flesh highly unite and strike a sympathetic chord with the conservation of the universe, then transit to the eternal human world."

NOTE: The above narrative explained the theories regarding Spirit as put forth by Master Ou Wen Wei, however, to find the answer to how to return to oneness with Spirit, please visit What is Pan Gu Shengong? It is designed to absorb the essence of Qi from the universe. The trait of Pan Gu Mystical Qigong is simple and easy to learn in a short time, has quick effect, needs no quietness to perform, there is no absorption needed or taboo inflicted, and it remains free from any conception of faction or school. It advocates the philosophy that "Practice is the Basis, Comprehension is a Short-cut", and that one must "Take Practice as the Teacher and Take Society as the Master To Bring Happiness to Mankind."

Morphic Resonance

I would add that every time we expand the meridians and subtle energy fields by drawing Qi life force from the morphic fields of heaven, sun, moon and earth into our pranic body through the 5 practices of Pan Gu Shengong, we create morphic resonance with Spirit via the faculty of clairvoyance -- psychical transmission and reception of information and energy through space and time.

According to Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, "The extended mind resembles the traditional idea of the soul pervading and animating the body. But I think it is most helpful today to interpret this concept in terms of fields. The body is itself organized and pervaded by fields. As well as electromagnetic, gravitational, and quantum matter fields, morphogenetic fields shape its development and maintain its form. Behavioral, mental, and social fields underlie behavior and mental life. According to the hypothesis of formative causation, morphogenetic, behavioral, mental, and social fields are different kinds of morphic fields, containing an inherent memory both from an individual's own past, and a collective memory from countless other people who have gone before.

Although I prefer to think of the fields of phantoms as morphic fields, the hypothesis I propose testing here is more general. I am not at present concerned with the specific feature of morphic fields, namely their habitual nature, shaped by morphic resonance. I am exploring the more general idea of fields as organizing patterns in space and time. I propose that these fields are located just where the phantoms seem to be. These fields can extend beyond the flesh-and-blood body, projecting beyond the stump."

Therefore, an individual who is regularly practicing the Pan Gu Qigong will receive the same encodings and energy from the devoted Masters or practitioners of these practices who are radiating these encodings through morphic resonance.

Understanding the laws and principles of the art and science of Pan Gu Mystical Qigong is the first step in becoming its Master.

Also visit Return to Oneness through Sheng Zhen & Omkabah ebook which is my eclectic Qigong Omkabah Lightbody Actictivation how-to-technique to return to oneness with Spirit.

For more information on Morphic Resonance, please visit Sheldrake Online

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