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Every culture has its own legend about how the universe began. Pan Gu is the Chinese version of Adam Kadmon, the primordial person in Kabbalistic thought, or Hunab Ku in Mayan culture. Master Ou Wen Wei created Pan Gu Mystical Qigong based on this legendary creator combined with his observation and experiences in life, his understanding about the formulation, development and advancement of humanity and many components of relationships of harmony among heaven, earth and people such as the relationship of human physiology and the universe.

I believe that a galactic light being called Pan Gu with divine consciousness encompasses and permeates the whole universe, and when a person's light body (soul) is in harmony and in communication with that of Pan Gu's light body (Cosmic Soul) through the 5 practices of Pan Gu Mystical Qigong, healing and spiritual oneness are made possible. According to Ascended Master Enoch's Keys of Enoch, of the myriad forms of prayer/meditation there are five general practices (with my interpretation) that should be kept in mind:

  1. Hold fast to the holy way of life (the Pan Gu Shengong philosophy for life).
  2. In your dealings, honor all with the radiance of Love (Sheng Zhen).
  3. Look within and look without and see yourself as your own bridge between heaven and earth (Qigong forms of Pan Gu Shengong - "Qian Kun" or "Sun and Moon" Qigong).
  4. Behold the palace (body of nature in the form of earth, moon, sun, stars, planets) of the universe and the myriad spheres of the organic balance of nature (yin and yang).
  5. Know that you can always rejoice in the Godhead (spirit of Pan Gu within one's inner heart) and in the myriad (Qi) radiations (through the Sun and Moon) of the Living Light.

Pan GuAccording to Yi Wen Lei Ju (Classified Anthology of Literary Works), "The sky and the earth were at first one blurred entity like an egg. Pan Gu (Chinese version of God) was born into it. The separation of the sky and the earth took eighteen thousand years -- the yang which was light and pure rose to become the sky, and the yin which was heavy and murky sank to form the earth. Between them was Pan Gu, who went through nine changes every day, his wisdom greater than that of the sky and his ability greater than that of the earth. Every day the sky rose ten feet higher, the earth became ten feet thicker, and Pan Gu grew ten feet taller. Another eighteen thousand years passed, and there was an extremely high sky, an extremely thick earth, and an extremely tall Pan Gu.Then came the Three Emperors1.

So these numbers came into existence and evolve like this. The number begins with one, becomes established at three, is completed at five, prospers at seven, and ends in nine. So the sky is ninety thousand li2 from the earth."

Another very vivid description can be found in Five Yun Historical Record as follows: "Pan Gu was born first. When he was dying, his Qi (life-energy) was transformed into wind and cloud, his voice into thunder. His left eye became the sun, his right eye the moon. His four limbs and five bodies became the four polars and the five mountains, his blood was converted into the rivers and streams, his tendons and veins into the geography, his muscle into the fields and earth, his hair and beard into stars, his skin into trees and grasses, his teeth and bones into gold and stones, his marrow and pith into pearls and jade, his sweat into rain, the sperm in his body was touched by the wind and turned in to the people at large."

These concise and comprehensive remarks afford food for thought. It is more imaginative and reasonable and more solemn and stirring than the narration regarding Genesis from the western world. So long as you consider it carefully, you will find it not only gives a very vivid and concrete description of the time during, before and after the opening of the heaven and the earth, but also deeply reveals the close relationship between the Heaven, Earth, and man, and discloses extremely plain and profound philosophical reasoning.

The phrase "The Heaven and the Earth were as chaotic as an egg" explains the condition before the opening of the Heaven and the Earth. At that time the universe was a dark, chaotic air mass which looked like an egg.

The phrase "Pan Gu was born in it" deals with the fact that there existed in it some matter which contained vitality, waiting to show the spirituality and force when the time matured. In these few words, there embodies vaguely the dialectical relation to the saying: "Life originated from the universe and in turn would surely act on the universe." To express it in another way, which is easy to comprehend: "The great nature nurses man, and man can also act on the great nature, to reform the environment of the great nature so as to make it better fit the need of man's life and will."

Thus, the phrase "Eighteen thousand years elapsed, he opened the Heaven and the Earth, the clear Yang became the Heaven, while the turbid Yin formed the Earth," means that Pan Gu, this biological substance, after eighteen thousand years exerting himself, had accumulated enough energy, and was thus able to reform the natural environment around him according to his own will. So, he sifted the matter particles in the Chaos, letting the light and clear particles remain floating in the air, and the heavy and turbid ones accumulate to form the Earth (celestial body). The space thus became clear and bright and the arrangement of the matter looked in order and no longer chaotic. The difference between the Heaven and Earth was established and the various natural laws which we have come to understand and those still beyond our grasp, were also established. As such, Pan Gu was able to create man and other things in a more planned way and in more proper step and measure. The idea here is as easy to understand as simply tidying up a room that has been a mess so that it is easier to live in it and get things done.

Heaven, Man and EarthThe phrase "The deity was in the Heaven, the sage was on Earth" deals with the idea that Pan Gu's spirit (which can be understood as the soul or the capacity for thought) was capable of moving freely and was as vast and agile as the sky; his body was as heavy and as thick as the Earth; and he took the Earth as his place to stand. Therefore, he could "change 9 times a day." These modifications referred to the transformation of the first thought, when Pan Gu thought about how to reform himself and the environment according to his own feature, his own ability and the actual condition of the environment in which he existed. Then Pan Gu managed to realize this modification of thought, making it become a new reality. So these transformation had its ground and rules and was the combination of subjective initiative and the objective conditions which caused transformation of function. This is just like human beings of today, who need a close subjective and objective combination first, and then obtain the function in keeping their self-reformation, self-perfection, and creating wealth.

It will not be difficult to understand the description of how Pan Gu created mankind and other things , as indicated in the "Five Yun Historical Record" after having understood the above argument.

The phrase "Pan Gu was born first" describes that the chaotic air mass, which looked like an egg, bred and bore the first living body that had subjective initiative: Pan Gu. It was really a great gain of the nature breeding and the crystallization of the highest sublimation caused by the accumulation of boundless time and space with the cream of countless matter particles, representing the will of the originally disordered time and space. As a result, the disorderly matter particles began to shift their course toward a more orderly condition in their development. Thus, they bestowed a sacred mission on Pan Gu: a high-energy living body, bred and created by them together to open up the orderly time and space and to breed man and create things in order. Pan Gu realized this sacred mission and made up his mind to carry it out as his own responsibility, so the following description came into being:

"When he was dying, Pan Gu's qi was transformed into wind and cloud, his voice into thunder, his left eye into the sun, his right eye into the moon,.. his muscle was converted into the field and the Earth ... his teeth and bones into gold and stones... the sperm in his body were touched by the wind and turned into the people at large."

The sperm in Pan Gu's body carried the genetic factor of Pan Gu, combining the cream of things in order which had been transformed from his blood and flesh body that bred again mankind. Man, bred during this time, was not an individual but a group, so they should be called mankind. Then those people in turn bred their descendants and carried on in order, continuing the great breeding and creation of things, so as to make better and more reasonable arrangement of time, space, and matter (particles) in the universe. It was the real implication of the phrase "Pan Gu opening the Heaven and the Earth," found in the most ancient myths. It was the real purpose of Pan Gu opening the Heaven and the Earth, as well as the real aim in breeding Pan Gu together with time, space, and matter (particles) in the universe.

Therefore, we may associate the theory and the origin of Pan Gu with the theory of evolution. From the basic view of the theory of evolution, humans also evolved by time, space and matter: the three essential elements in the specified condition of this Earth.3

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1 the Three Emperors: the Emperor of the Sky, the Emperor of the Earth, and the Emperor of Men.
2 Li: Chinese unit of length.

3 Master Ou Wen Wei's The Theory and Evolution of Pan Gu Mystical Qigong, pp. 46-49.

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