Thoth ... Alton Kamadon ... Melchizedek ... Lord Sananda ... Sai Baba ... several years ago, I would not have recognized these names. Now, at the beginning of a new millennium, I honor and serve them by teaching their work. Through guided meditations, Lord Sananda and I have waltzed in the garden of the Lords of Amenti. Melchizedek has called me "ancient child". God has given me the gift of creating stars. Awakening a few years ago, Alton's workshops further opened my eyes and my heart.

To share this gifted work, I offer three or more workshops each month and send healing for people, pets, and our Planet. Sai Baba, Sananda, and Thoth took turns covering my writing hand with theirs when I took Levels 1-5 from Alton. I offer notes for these levels to certified participants and a 33 page guide for Teaching a 1&2 Combined Workshop.


Proceeds step by step
through teaching a
Level 1 & 2 Combined Workshop.
Insights, stories, guidance,
and a four day plan are shared.


Alton's introductory comments, channelings, and explanations corresponding to manual pages.

Level 1&2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5

$13 or $20 or $33 for each level of notes.
13-20-33 is the vibration of unconditional love.

33% of these monies are going to the Kamadon Trust toward building our Kamadon Temple in Uti, India.

Please include a copy of your highest Melchizedek Method certificate with orders. Thank you.

Cynthia Ellen Watson

PO Box 186

New Denver, British Columbia V0G 1S0


Ph: (250) 358 7273

Our brothers and sisters are remembering...
We have been gifted the tools...
Our work is only beginning...
The Light is profound...
Serve the Light...
Give thanks...

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