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The Melchizedek Method, Facilitated by Yogi Sharanananda

The Platinum Ray

Light beings on Planet Earth (Hue-man) are gradually returning back into light, this is happening because our planet Earth has chosen to Ascend, and those who have chosen to accompany her on this journey must work to raise their vibrations every step of the way. To assist us in doing this, there are different spectrums of light which are sent from the GOD HEAD through various channels, first through the Ascended Masters and then to Grounded Masters on Planet Earth. These spectrums or rays are also activated by sound. I am pleased to announce that it is now time for the activation of the PLATINUM RAY.

The energy of the Platinum Ray is not a new energy but a frequency that is forgotten and has been used by many of you in other dimensions and planetary systems to speed up the evolutionary process of many inhabitants residing on planets in these other systems.

MATUHU is the Goddess who sends this healing energy to us at this time, she resides on the planet Uldar from the universe Laboyartah, this is the home of this energy and as it is needed throughout the cosmos Matuhu is at hand as the messenger to assist this activation. The Energy of Uldar is cool and crisp as the snow. The energies found in Antarctica or the poles have a similarity to the Platinum Ray but they are nowhere near the degree of its refined vibration. The Platinum Ray is a silvery energy, which resonates to the feminine principle in all beings, this energy is like the energy prior to conception, a feminine energy to be used and honored by all who resonate with the goddess. On Uldar this energy is the feminine energy the primary energy on our planet.

The energy of your Moon may be similar to this Ray but nowhere near its potential as a healer or activator, this is why the full Moon work has always been very popular on this planet with various groups and will continue to be.

The Platinum Ray will be fully activated by a sound which is clear from the throat and heart, plus the energy of the womb must be integrated due to the creative source. The main hierarchy is evolved on a feminine principle. The male principle is the heat which activates for new creations as necessary. At this time on your planet it is the feminine energy which is much needed to assist the clearing and denseness of the minds of many and the emotional torture which humans wish to endure.

The energy of the Platinum Ray is being activated at this time to clear the Karma which has been played out on Planet Earth and your Solar System. As you move into light the energy must be continually cleared on all levels for higher radiant energies to manifest on planet Earth and within your Solar System. As you move into light the energy must be continually cleared on all levels for higher radiant energies to manifest on planet Earth and within your Solar System.

The energy of the Platinum Ray is carried through the nervous system and into the body. This can be very disruptive for some if the physical vehicle is not of good health. Focus on the Platinum Ray daily for protection, allow yourselves to drink of the Ray for your whole energetic system.

Water is very important (warm & cool) the higher the fluid intake the clearer the channel for energies to manifest. Four liters of water a day is necessary to clear physical toxins from your bodies, caused by the physical pollution on your planet. Pollution in your minds and emotions as well as your physical bodies will be cleared with water. To begin anchoring and grounding the Platinum Ray, be by running water, visit it often, cleansing in it is necessary - 3 to 4 showers or baths a day or swim in the ocean and resonate with the dolphins. They are platinum in color and have bought the Ray to Earth for many years. They need your assistance now on land to anchor the Platinum Ray energy.

There is much Joy in connecting with the dolphin energy - Dolphin energy holds the Platinum Ray magnificently to heal, clear and become pure.

Use the Platinum Ray daily, drink water and clear the mental body and emotional body through the heart center by using the Platinum Ray. Open to love of the Goddess and God force through your hearts. Resolve fear by thinking of the Goddess energy/Platinum Ray and mentally bathing in this light. The Goddess is beauty, flowing to be healing in your life. This ray energy is beauty, peace, power, joy, magnificent and is available to many.

Many of your male species are feeling very confused with this energy. Until they learn to remove themselves from the ego planes and to the heart center, the confusion will remain and result in frustration and anger, this they may not understand because of its simplicity. When your male species decide to use the Platinum Ray they must use it in pure heart which will be limited only to those who walk the Path of Truth. Those who use the Platinum Ray without the heart of truth will bring destruction and disorder to their surroundings.

Surrender fear, the past and Karma to the Goddess and she will remove it. Let it go there’s no need to even think. Trust in us, the energy we bring for clearing and peace, place this in your heart and follow your guidance - never question through the mind, stay focused in the heart. Have gratitude for all that is given to you on all planes, within all experiences. Learnng from your wonderful experiences, take these experiences hold them dear, thank them and let the Platinum Ray clear the rest.

Allowing trust is the most difficult for you so I ask you to feel and drink of my energy as you drink the liquid light through your waters daily. The walls you bang against help you grow and transform. Laugh at Life. Be happy, smile and be truly happy in your heart. Let go - RELEASE.

Your children are required to learn to protect themselves once they are adolescents (12 - 14 years old). Talk to your children, they need to know by puberty of these many things to help them on their journey, teach them protection and clearing of the 1. The Violet Fire; 2. Golden star dust shower through and around the aura; 3. The Goddess Platinum Ray infiltrated throughout all the energy bodies and physical.

In your new Millennium there will be much peace through activated processes on many dimensions as many light workers learn to anchor and work with the Platinum Ray. The time is right for your planet - the lifting of the veil is now here.

In service of oneness through the Great Central Sun.

Adonai Matuhu

Received through Ohia-ra (Kim) 21/9/99

First published in Celestial Views, Nov-Jan 2000 Issue

Reproduced with permission of the author.

To use the Platinum Ray in meditation, click Lord Sananda's Millennium Meditation.

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