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There is much joy in connecting with the dolphin energy - Dolphin energy holds the Platinum Ray magnificently to heal, clear and become pure.

Use the Platinum Ray daily: drink water and clear the mental body and emotional body through the heart center by using the Platinum Ray. Open to love of the Goddess and God force through your hearts. Resolve fear by thinking of the Goddess energy/Platinum Ray and mentally bathe yourself in this light. The Goddess is beauty, flowing healing into your life. This ray energy is beauty, peace, power, joy, magnificent and is available to all now.


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The Melchizedek Method, Facilitated by Yogi Sharanananda

Quote from Vibrational Medicine book on Holograms, Vibrational Medicine, Spiritual Healing

& Personal & Planetary Evolution:

Hologram is an energy interference pattern.
Within this pattern, every piece contains the whole.

The holographic model sets a precedent for new ways of understanding Einsteinian medicine and provides a totally new way of looking at the universe. Utilizing the holographic model, it is possible to arrive at conclusions one might not come upon by utilizing simple deductive reasoning and logic.

Etheric matter is referred to in the Eastern esoteric literature as "subtle matter," or matter which is less dense than physical, i.e., of a higher frequency nature. The etheric body appears to be a subtle counterpart of the physical body, possibly somewhat like the phantom leaf. Our etheric body is an energy interference pattern with the characteristics of a hologram. It is likely that there are subtle counterparts to the physical universe made up of matter of higher frequencies. If the energy interference pattern of a single etheric body acts as a hologram, might not the entire universal energy interference pattern represent a vast cosmic hologram? If this is true, then by virtue of the holographic principle whereby every piece contains the whole, there are profound implications for information being stored within the seemingly empty space around us! The fact that limitless amounts of information might be enfolded into the structure of the universe is an idea gaining more and more attention from theorists such as Nobel prize-winning physicist David Bohm. Bohm has presented convincing scientific arguments for what he calls the "implicate order" of the holographic universe. In such a universe, higher levels of order and information may be holographically enfolded in the fabric of space and matter/energy.

If indeed there exists a cosmic hologram, then every piece of the universe contains information concerning the makeup of the entire cosmos. Unlike a static hologram, the cosmic hologram is a dynamically moving system that changes from microsecond to microsecond. Because what happens in just a small fragment of the holographic energy interference pattern affects the entire structure simultaneously, there is a tremendous connectivity relationship between all parts of the holographic universe. If one were to view God as "all there is," then, through the holographic interconnectivity of space, God could simultaneously be in contact with all creations. The ultimate question, of course, is how does one tap into this information about the cosmos which is enfolded into the structure of space within and around us? How do we decode the cosmic hologram?

By decoding a small piece of the universal hologram,
one may unfold information about the whole universe stored within the matrix.
The selective focusing of consciousness via psychic attunement (Universal-Omni Merkabah)
may hold the potential for such decoding of the universal hologram.

The Einsteinian viewpoint of vibrational medicine sees the human being as a multidimensional organism made up of physical/cellular systems in dynamic interplay with complex regulatory energetic fields. Vibrational medicine attempts to heal illness by manipulating these subtle-energy fields via directing energy into the body instead of manipulating the cells and organs through drugs or surgery.

The recognition that all matter is energy forms the foundation for understanding how human beings can be considered dynamic energetic systems. Through his famous equation, E = mc2, Albert Einstein proved to scientists that energy and matter are dual expressions of the same universal substance. That universal substance is a primal energy or vibration of which we are all composed. Therefore, attempting to heal the body through the manipulation of this basic vibrational or energetic level of substance can be thought of as vibrational medicine. Although the Einsteinian viewpoint has slowly found acceptance and application in the minds of physicists, Einstein's profound insights have yet to be incorporated into the way doctors look at human beings and illness.

Vibrational medicine seeks to reunite the personality with the Higher Self in a more meaningful, connected way. Vibrational modalities help to strengthen the energetic connections between the personality and the soul itself, by rebalancing the body / mind / spirit complex as a whole. Not all vibrational healing tools work at the higher energetic levels, but it is the intent and goal of the vibrational healer / physician to seek and assist this alignment within his or her patients.

Spiritual healing (holographic healing) attempts to work at the level of the higher subtle bodies and chakras to affect a healing from the most primary level of disease origins. The spiritual healer (holographic healer) works as a power source of multiple-frequency outputs to allow energy shifts at several levels simultaneously. It is theorized that there may be a transient energy link between the chakras of the healer and the patient. This chakra-to-chakra link may allow for a direct resonant transfer of multiple subtle frequencies, which can shift the multidimensional energy structure of the patient back toward a perfect balance of mind, body, and spirit. While most magnetic healers work strictly at the level of the body, spiritual healers (holographic healers) usually work with the many levels of mind and spirit as well. The nature of this higher dimensional energy is that it transcends all limitations of space and time by virtue of the fact that levels from the etheric and higher energies are in the domain of negative space / time. As such, the energies working at these levels move in a dimension which is outside of the usual references of ordinary (or positive) space / time to which the conscious mind is limited in its perception. However, the frequencies at which spiritual healing takes place often extend to the same levels at which the Higher Self exists and operates.

"Spiritual healing" (holographic healing) works not only at the physical and etheric levels, but also helps to rebalance the astral, mental, and higher energetic levels of dyfunction as well. In addition, spiritual healing (holographic healing) may be performed either in the presence of the patient or at great distances which may separate the patient and healer.

If we are beings of energy, then it follows
that we can be affected by energy.

Vibrational healing modalities are effective because of their ability to impact upon the subtle unseen hierarchical levels of human physiology, which include the physical and etheric bodies, the acupuncture meridians, the chakras and nadis, and the astral, mental, causal, and higher spiritual bodies. Having described the function and integration of these many levels of energetic and spiritual physiology, we must now ask how all of this information fits in with our divine purpose upon the planet Earth. An understanding of the higher levels of subtle anatomy and their influence upon our daily lives and health will help us to comprehend how we are all intimately linked with the continually evolving divine energies of the soul.

Our physical and higher bodies are specialized vehicles which allow the expression of the soul's consciousness upon the dense Earth plane. The consciousness of each soul is actually a particularization of that greater spiritual consciousness which we refer to as God. Various spiritual philosophies look to the time of our universe's creation as the period when God created all souls simultaneously. Mixing cosmic evolution with theology, one might view the Big Bang as more than just the creation of primordial interstellar hydrogen and light. It was also the time at which the Creator gave birth to the billions of human souls that would inhabit the new universe through an explosive particularization of the divine conscious energies. It is said that God created human beings in the divine image. As each soul was created in that first moment, God separated into smaller beings of light which were energetic representations of the original vast beingness. Through the conscious evolution of these lesser gods and the holographic connectivity of the universe, God could enrich and develop the tremendous potential for diversity and self-knowledge inherent in supreme consciousness. These primal beings of light, or souls, developed ways of manifesting the ethereal energies of their consciousness through denser forms of expression. The denser forms, called the physical bodies, would allow them to experience through their senses the wonders and beauties of the evolving planets. Also, it would allow them to experiment with the expression of their emotional nature through interactions and relationships between themselves, their environment, and the other sentient life forms manifesting upon the planets on which they chose to incarnate.

Because no entity could develop itself in all possible ways through the course of a single life span of these dense vehicles of expression, a continuous cycle of regeneration and rebirth, known as reincarnation, was created. During each lifetime, the incarnating soul is able to partake of many diverse experiences which allow it to explore the wonders, joys, and sorrows of human existence. Through hit or miss, and reward or punishment, the consciousness of the soul, projected through earthly bodies, can learn and experience planetary life through every conceivable variation of the human form. Via the reincarnation cycle, each soul comes to know the splendor and achievements, as well as the difficulties and sadnesses, of each of the existing races and colors of peoples. All souls come to experience life as the pinnacle of high society as well as the simplicity and daily toil of the farms and fields. All conscious entities find out how life differs between being male and female in the different societies. Through each of these varied experiences, the soul comes to know itself and to better understand its own emotional, physical, and spiritual nature, as well as the many different expressions that physical human life allows. Perhaps most importantly in its earthly sojourns, the soul comes to appreciate and experience the nature of love in its many different forms, and develops a greater compassion and caring for all of God's creations.

Personal and spiritual transformation are dependent upon the opening of the heart chakra. As our heart centers open wider and we begin to feel greater compassion and empathy for all living things, we move closer to expressing the divine unconditional love of the Christ Consciousness, which is the supreme facet of spiritual awakening towards which we are all gradually evolving.

Of the chakra blockages that are known to occur, dysfunction in the heart chakra can be the most devastating. The heart chakra is the central energy center in the chakra / nadi system. It is an integral link between the three higher and the three lower chakras. In another sense, it is also the center of human existence, because it is the major chakra from which we are able to express love. The expression of love is perhaps one of the most important lessons that humans have incarnated upon the physical plane to learn. Without love, existence can be dry and meaningless. It is necessary that we learn to love not only those around us but also ourselves.

All souls are spiritual beings of light which remain energetically connected to the Creator and the Creator's universe through a holographic connectivity relationship. All souls have evolved as unique but diverse manifestations of the single divine principle (also known as the Law of One). As the souls become enriched through their experiences, so too does the Creator come to grow and evolve in a greater knowing of self in infinite expression. In spite of this unity with God and the universe, the souls temporary lose the memory of their spiritual origins after incarnating into dense physical bodies. In reality, the higher spiritual bodies of the souls maintain a cosmic awareness and connection to the God-force. Only the projected fragment of the soul's total consciousness which inhabits the dense physical form loses the memory of its origins.

The eathly personalities forget that they are manifestations of the one supreme intelligence, as the perceptual mechanisms of their brains and bodies create a physical sense of separation from each other as well as from their Creator. Partly because of this sense of separation from God, human beings have created religion and its rituals in an attempt to reunite themselves with the creative forces of nature and the physical universe which seemed outside of themselves. Human beings forget that the kingdom of God is already within each of us. Jesus (Lord Sananda) incarnated to teach and remind us of this simple forgotten truth.

The reincarnational cycle has built-in safeguards that prevent the perpetuation of wrong thinking and negative actions toward fellow journeyers upon the soul quest of self-discovery and enlightenment. This system of energy credits and debits, based on positive and negative deeds and actions, has been referred to as the Law of Karma. The subtle nature of higher dimensional anatomy and its controlling influence upon the creation and physiological maintenance of the physical body, allows the negative energies of past-life misdeeds to be carried over to future lifetimes by causing subtle abnormalities in the human physical and emotional structure.

By working through physical handicaps and illnesses, individuals are able to "burn away the karma" of their negative deeds and redeem their souls for the evils, torments, and suffering that they may have caused others in previous lives.

Karmic illness is worth mentioning because it is an area of disease upon which vibrational medicine is able to have certain impacts, at least in creating an awareness of the reasons behind some diseases and handicaps. Again, this returns us to the concept of self-responsibility in accepting the consequences of our actions, whether they originate from this life or a past one. Few would dream that the negative emotions and malicious deeds of their previous lives would come back to haunt them in their present lives as some form of illness. But it is possible, nonetheless.

The most important things that Jesus (Lord Sananda) taught - learning to love ourselves and others, to forgive, and to pray and give thanks to the Creator - are just as important today as they were 2000 years ago. We have seen how distortions of our emotional nature, and blockage of our ability to love and forgive, can cause disturbance and imbalance of our chakras and subtle-energy anatomy. When one combines weakness of the body's energetic physiology from emotional, mental, and subtle imbalances, with infectious or toxic environmental factors, illness is often the result. Through the sophisticated New Age technologies which spiritual scientists are using to document the existence of our subtle anatomic framework, we are finally beginning to understand the true spiritual significance of what Jesus (Lord Sananda) and many others have taught throughout the centuries since the time of Lemuria and Atlantis. The discoveries that we are making today are, in fact, reincarnational expressions of older spiritual knowledge which originated in these ancient yet advanced civilizations.

The basic principles of holistic and natural healing, as well as vibrational medicine, are actually thousands of centuries old, dating back to the times of Atlantis and Lemuria. Through the continuous cycle of regeneration and rebirth, these ideas have surfaced once again to produce methods of spiritual healing (such as the Melchizedek Method of holographic healing) that may help to alleviate much of the disease that humanity seems to have inflicted upon itself. It is only because of a gradual shift in consciousness within the new guard of the medical and scientific community that the intellectual and spiritual environment has ripened to the point that these powerful healing modalities may again surface to see the light of day.

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