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“I have contacted a GP that I recently met and we have developed a great friendship. He has been able to assist me into the details regarding the blood levels of my client whom I am working with that has leukemia. I have found this so helpful as he indicates very strongly that the Melchizedek Healing shows excellent potential and asked me when I could start healing full-time on his patient. I have completed eight sessions on her, she is having more tests today. So we’re right in there, working hard at it now, it appears that persistence will see this one through. I have always felt in my heart that this is the only way to heal. Her white cell count was as high as 295,000. In just two weeks it dropped to the normal count of 10,000, and the doctor suggested that this is a very strong indication that the healing is having a profound effect. Also her spleen was 3x its normal size at that point – it reverted back to normal in just two healings. In Love and Light to you all, Heather”


Hi Alton!

Thought you might like to know how it's been going since the workshop in L.A.

Since the workshop I do the colour meditation, chakra meditation, healing the heart, Body Computer, abundance, age reversal and parts of the body daily or every other day without fail. I don't drive without a triple hologram for myself on my car - my aura is very strong and balanced.

My knee is the best it has been in 30 years since I had surgery - I'm working to clear scar tissue with so far barely noticeable results but nerve damage has now been restored to almost 100% optimum. That is one beautiful result.

Steve, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Flower of Life Symbol

Flower of Life

All sacred geometrical shapes are within the Flower of Life

Sephiroth Diagram

The Ten Sephiroth (Powers) of the Tree of Life (Kabbalah)

The central channel, which descends from Metatron, through Michael, Gabriel and Sandalphon, is the basis for the Pillar of Light in the human body.

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The Melchizedek method facilitated by Yogi Sharanananda

An Introduction to the Melchizedek Method
by Yogi Sharanananda

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Capital [W]ith great respect and love, I welcome you with all my heart. I would like to share with you a very powerful complete Melchizedek method of lightbody (Merkaba) activation, holographic healing and opening one's heart to unconditional love that I have learned and experienced during a four day workshop (which is a first in North America) facilitated by Alton Kamadon last August 1998, July 2000 (Orbital Merkaba), April 2001 (Unity Merkabah), August 2002 (Universal Omni-Merkabah) and October 2003 One Path of Vision.

You may ask yourself the following question and inquiry which I have asked myself many times, What is missing with your spiritual exercises that can be added to the ones you already have and will serve as a technique, medium or vehicle (used by the Masters) which can ensure success in psychic projection(bi-location), psychic self-defense, absent and holographic healing, body rejuvenation and age reversal, chakra encoding into the Christ Consciousness grid, balancing chakras, clearing bad habits, thought forms and emotions, ascension process, clairvoyance, abundance consciousness, and love, unity or Cosmic consciousness?

Ask no more. Your questions, prayer and request are now answered through this rediscovered ancient Egyptian and Atlantean technique called Merkaba Meditation and the Melchizedek Method overseen by Lord Melchizedek and taught by Ascended Master Thoth channeled through Alton.

I can vouch, validate and concur from my personal spiritual and healing experiences the truth of the above and following sections and statements regarding the Method and benefits, supported also by quotes from Ascended Master Thoth and Ezekiel from the Bible, and other references such as The Emerald Tablets of Thoth-the-Atlantean, The Keys of Enoch, Vibrational Medicine book and Biblical References to the Order of the Melchizedek.

Again, all the best to you on your spiritual journey and Self-Mastery of life, and thank you for your interest in this new modality. May all your Ascending dreams become your permanent new reality.

For more information on Melchizedek Method Level 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 workshops facilitated by me, please email me at merkaba@holisticwebs.com and click here to join our mailing list for workshop dates and updates. The Melchizedek Method Practitioners/Facilitators and my Melchizedek Method students are welcome to join my SUFI Center of BC ICQ Interest Group and Referral List. Thank you for your interest!

To order Ricardo Serrano's "HOW TO BECOME A DIVINE MEDIUM" eBOOK or for more info, please direct inquiries to Ricardo Serrano, Director of International Relations.

To order Distance Healing treatment (from me) with a FREE copy of How to Become a Divine Medium eBook, please click to ORDER at PayPal

I have published this website into an ebook format for your convenience.

Without Unconditional Love (Merkaba), All else will fail.

Reclaim and attain your birthright of Self-Mastership through the Melchizedek Method! We are all Melchizedekian Masters, we just don't remember how to be one!

Kodoish Kodoish Kodoish Adonai 'Tsebayoth,

Ricardo Serrano (aka Sharanananda)
Certified Melchizedek Method Facilitator
Certified Holographic Sound Healing Facilitator
Cosmic Heart Spiral of Love Facilitator
Crystal Pranic Healer
Solution Focused Addictions Counsellor

#601, 110 West 4th Street
North Vancouver, BC V7M 3H3
Tel/Fax: (604) 987-1797

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The Melchizedek Method Level 2
by Alton Kamadon

The Level Two Melchizedek Method workshops to date have been a profound experience far exceeding my personal expectations. As they began, I felt a twinge of nervousness as to how they would be received and the experiences participants would have.

My fears were completely unfounded.

This workshop is by far the most exciting presentation of spiritually advanced techniques, practices and meditations I have ever presented. Thoth made the comment at the beginning that the new Orbital Hologram of Love Merkaba was 1000 times higher in light and love frequency and was the true ascension unity consciousness merkaba light body.

Having now experienced the Orbital, I have to agree with him. It is the most powerful merkaba activation I have experienced to date and the workshop participants so far have all expressed the same feelings. This orbital lightbody activation accelerates to a level of vibration that activates a cosmic wave pattern that automatically emanates from your body and consciousness. As this occurs, many people have commented that they then see a horizontal band of light in front of them that returns magnetically to you the same cosmic wave pattern.

Thoth describes this as having manifested a magnetic exchange with the galactic core (the horizontal band of light) and that you are then being drawn into cosmic consciousness. Many participants have then experienced a shift of consciousness and been drawn into profound experiences.

Once one has experienced the raising of cellular light quotient 1000-fold with the Orbital Merkaba, the following days of meditations are all on a cosmic conscious level.

This workshop also explores our connection to Lord Metatron through the Great Pyramid at Giza travelling up the ascension corridor to the Orion Stargate which is the opening to the celestial worlds beyond. Metatron is the overseer of this celestial stargate opening and our connection with his energy is vital to completing our ascension journey.

Another aspect of this workshop is to experience Jacob’s Ladder through the four worlds of the Kabbalah. The encodings and energy experienced in this process combined with the Orbital Merkaba activation is once again profound and allows us to build a more powerful Adam Kadmon light body.

The final phase of the four days is once again focused on holographic healing of oneself and others.

For those that have completed Level One, you already know how powerful the Triple Hologram of Love holograms rapidly heal many irregularities and illnesses. Judging by the feedback I have received, miracle healings of life-threatening illnesses have been facilitated many times with these techniques.

Level Two once again introduces an even more powerful series of holographic healing techniques. Everything has been simplified once again with the introduction of two orbital body computers and frequency light beams. Utilising these new healing tools, many participants have been experiencing the amazing rapidity of dissolution of pain, body irregularities, illnesses and malfunctions.

All in One Love,

Alton Kamadon

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Tryptophan for Meditation and Health

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