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metatron's cube
The Melchizedek Method
Facilitated by
Yogi Sharanananda
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Lord Sananda
Lord Sananda

'Dear Ones of Light,

At this time your world is in the balance and it is up to you to manifest your new reality. As the last year of the millennium comes to an end much energy is released, and in that releasing you can mould your future with pure thought intention. In other words, this energy is for you. It will direct your new reality with purity if it is your wish.

When the capstone is placed on the Great Pyramid there will be an instant releasing of 4th dimensional energies from deep within the earth which will have never been felt on the earth before. They will not be completely and wholly of a divine nature. The ones who conduct this ceremony know exactly what they are doing: it is a deliberate act to scatter these undesirable energies around the earth.

I now give instructions to counteract this ceremony and to change all these newly released energies into the pure love vibration:

At 11.30pm your local time I ask that you visualise an inverted pyramid on top of the Great Pyramid, point to point. Know that etherically the Great Pyramid has a counterpart underneath it which then forms an octahedron.

Once the inverted pyramid is in place, triple hologram the entire structure including the pyramid underneath. Please visualise everything in platinum: this is the new high vibration ray that is being beamed onto the planet. This deliberate act will dissolve all energies into pure love.

As you thought-manifest this structure please thought-intend:

"I now take full responsibility for my new profound reality and will only manifest and release energy and consciousness of a pure love vibration onto, around and through dear Mother Earth. 13:20:33 unconditional love shall be my new reality. So be it."

Then accelerate the rotation of the platinum triple hologram of love 1000 times God speed.

Once this process is in place I also ask that you gather as one or a group with me and complete the Hologram of Love meditation that I gave through Alton for the August 11 activation. This will ensure that all energies at this profound time shall all be of the highest vibration of love.

Please know that the use of the Hologram of Love in this way will be seen as a responsible act of creating your new reality and assisting your dear planet Earth vehicle of ascension through this extraordinary time of change and development.

My love is eternally with you.


Lord Sananda'

Please spread the word to everyone you know, even if they know the triple hologram or not. We can make a difference, we are powerful, we are masters, we are the ones we have been waiting for (Hopi Indians).

Lastly, Lord Sananda has asked if we would hold this visualisation and repeat the thought intention continuously every time we think of it for the next one year of 2000 while this undesirable energy can be released. He has also instructed that we might gather with him as often as we can and repeat the Hologram of Love meditation.

Please read about The Platinum Ray as mentioned in Lord Sananda's message above.

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