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The Melchizedek Method, Facilitated by Yogi Sharanananda

Your merkabah field is incomplete until all the new encoded components are installed and harmonised. The Universal Omni-Merkabah has these new encoded components, and activates within you total harmony and perfect light speed balance to enter the higher worlds.

An angle of 32° entry through God’s Eye is introduced to escape gravity and time. Leaving behind gravity and time immediately has an effect on your cell memory. You activate the eternal life seed within yourself and this in turn immediately sends a light frequency message to the pineal to begin expanding. Once again this process is irreversible, in fact the acceleration of mind expansion is very rapid as there is no restrictive energy and thoughts to slow it down. You will be introduced to the concept of fractal wave pattern expansion of the pineal gland.

Multiple bodies of light is your destiny, and your mind must expand to accommodate this new creative concept. With your singular physical mind there are limitations of perception; with your expanded omni-mind you develop unlimited perception and creative potential.

As you complete your perfect journey through God’s Eye you will be met by the Elohim lords of light and Metatron working together to activate your omni-bodies of light.

These multiple light bodies can only be activated with your complete individual encodings drawn from the eternal eye by the Elohim and Metatron. Once this omni-activation is complete you are then called before the Cosmic Council to announce your intention of service. Before this takes place, however, you will be informed of your options.

Once you have clearly stated your service intention you will be guided to enter and experience a layer light world.

A layer light world is an extraordinary level of superconsciousness light intelligence that has the effect of expanding your mind very rapidly to bring it into an understanding of your full potential.

Once this is achieved, there is much much more beyond the physical experience to comprehend, and you will indeed experience it all as you enter the mansion galaxy world of your choice.

All in all, Level Four gives You the Final Keys, and is Real Ascension. We enter the omniscient realm of God love potential, unfolding our new world of true light mastery, and through this process we take our place on the Galactic Councils that oversee our ascending world within this sector of the universe.

Eternal love/light unfolding.


During this workshop you will experience:
  • The Universal Omni-Merkabah
  • Matter-Muon Crystal Light Cell Thought Mind Clearing
  • The Super Powerball Of Love
  • Merging the Red and Blue Rays
  • Advanced Hunab ‘Ku
  • 32° Angle Projection of the Merkabah
  • Tunnel of Rememberance Conversion Zone
  • The 33 Shiva Fire Rings of Cellular Release
  • The 32 Astro-Chemical Building Blocks
  • The Lak Boymer Multiple Light Body Waveform Pattern
  • Pineal Gland Infinite Fractal Waveform Expansion
  • Connecting to the Earth through the Hawaii Divine Portal of Love and the Hawaii Earth Keeper Crystal
  • Understanding 9-9-9 to 12-12-12 Merkabah Spin Ratios
  • The Orionis Father Universe with Metatron
  • Installation of the Cellular Metatronic Fractal Waveform Pattern
  • Activation of the Universal Omni-Super Electron
  • Activation of the Metatronic Waveform Cell Recorder Crystalline Frequency
  • Opening your Superconsciousness to Star Languages and God’s Light Mansion Galaxy Worlds
  • Interaction with the Galactic Councils that Oversee the Ascension of our Soul
  • Advanced Kamadon Omni Healing System

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