The Melchizedek Method, Facilitated by Yogi Sharanananda

by Alton Kamadon

Last year when I was in New York my dear friend Wayne Nelson invited us to join him on a visit to a crystal wholesaler. I was reluctant at first to go as I find that when I enter such places these days all the crystals speak to me at once and want me to take them home. I decided this time to simply switch off as I entered the wholesaler and just enjoy the beauty of these wonderful pieces.

As I walked around enjoying the crystal energy I suddenly heard my name being telepathically called out very loudly. I looked around and was led to a magnificent brown smoky quartz crystal.

As I approached, the crystal revealed that it was the original ancient Kamadon Earth Keeper Crystal and had been waiting for me to arrive to download its ancient wisdom to me, and from this time forward would be my constant companion.


For the first and only time on the 2000 Level Two Melchizedek Method Tour this wonderful and ancient Kamadon Earth Keeper was presented in Vancouver. In that workshop the Earth Keeper was overjoyed to be at work and enthusiastically communicated with many people. This profound crystalline energy released two giant wings which wrapped themselves around the whole audience.

The Earth Keeper was not to be present at any of the following Level Two workshops, but will be presented at the Level Three workshops. The Kamadon Earth Keeper Crystal is connected to the Kamadon Temple of Love and is to assist in the grounding of the temple consciousness within a special meditation and the final initiation into Kamadon mastery on the final day of the Level Three workshops. The Earth Keeper will bring a unique power within these meditations for all to experience.

This Kamadon Earth Keeper gave instructions for its energy and encodings to be downloaded to more Earth Keepers, and so we have begun the process.

These encoded crystals are to be made available at all Level Three workshops and will indeed contain the great wisdom, ancient encodings and direct connection to the Kamadon Temple as does the original Earth Keeper. I am excited to be making these crystals available to all Kamadon Level Three Masters.

The downloading from the Kamadon Earth Keeper will be undertaken by my workshop assistant, Wayne Nelson, crystal healer/teacher. Wayne’s credentials for this work are unquestioned.

NOTE: As a Melchizedek Method Level 3 Facilitator (Kamadon Master) and Pranic Crystal Healer I will program the Earth Keeper Crystal Code into the quartz crystal of level 3 students. - Yogi Sharanananda
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Earth Keeper Crystal
Earth Keeper Crystal

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