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Flower of Life
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The Melchizedek Method, Facilitated by Yogi Sharanananda

Continous World Meditation of Love
by Alton Kamadon

For some time now I have been prompted by Spirit to announce a continuous World Meditation for everyone who has learned the Hologram of Love techniques. Now is the perfect moment.


There is currently in place all around the world a holographic network of love wherever the Melchizedek Method workshops have been presented. Apart from that, I have personally been involved with groups of dedicated people establishing giant Orbital Holograms of Love in many sacred sites and temples. To date, these giant holograms have been drawn directly from God and spun into the Earth at the following locations:

  • throughout all the temples, pyramids and the Sphinx in Egypt;
  • at Stonehenge and various other sacred sites in England;
  • at Machu Picchu in Peru;
  • across Australia forming a rainbow network of giant holograms linked to gridpoint 44 in South Australia;

In this year of 2001 Level Three workshops, wherever I am or whatever city I may be visiting, I will ask all workshop participants to join with me in creating and embedding into the earth giant Unity Holograms. This will create a rainbow bridge made of Holograms of Love, all interlinked with the Cosmic Christ Consciousness Grid around the planet, thus allowing us to daily activate it. This will change human consciousness. United people-power will inevitably succeed. These holograms only respond to divine thoughts of unconditional love and magnetically attract the source of God's love to participate with us, thus amplifying our unified love intentions millions upon billions of times.

Can we change the world? Yes, we can. So let’s start now!

As previously stated, a network of Orbital Holograms of Love is already established. Spirit has asked us simply to thought-activate this network three times daily, or six times if you wish or have the time. Imagine thousands of people activating this network of love around the world daily.

Can we create a world of unconditional love? Yes, we can!

The chosen three time codes are 11:11am, 12:12pm and 3:33pm. At these given times quieten your mind wherever you are or whatever you are doing and repeat the following:

When you activate your merkabah thought project forward to the next time frame that uses the same numbers but at their next occurence during the day, and connect them, ie. “11:11am link forward (in your mind ) to 11:11pm”; “12:12 pm link forward to 12:12am”; “3:33pm link forward to 3:33am.” This will accelerate the love vibration forward in time allowing it to flow continuously around the clock.

Just focus on the rainbow network of love holograms around the world, then attracting and interlocking to an incoming network of love holograms directly from God. The incoming network of love holograms from God will amplify the whole thought intention of love billions of times. Many of you I am sure will have profound experiences.

Thought intention:

World Holographic Network of Love, I now align myself with your love vibration and ask my mind and body to activate and amplify your divine cosmic frequency of light and love with my merkabah activation. I am in service to God and my human soul group eternally.

Activate your merkabah with breath.

As many of you learn the new Unity Merkaba in Level Three this will become an exceptionally powerful love vibration linked directly to God. The Triple Hologram of Love and Orbital Hologram of Love Merkaba activations will begin this process, but eventually all will be Unity Hologram of Love activations. These daily activations last a minimum of three minutes. If you have the time to meditate longer at certain times, please do so.

Included in my travels this year will be the Taj Mahal and the Yucatan temples in Mexico where I will once more activate giant Unity Holograms of Love to be included in the network.

Let’s start now — today! “All you need is love”

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