It is in giving that we receive
This is the Divine Law

As we sow abundantly
we reap abundantly
This is the Divine Law

As I give, so shall I receive

As I give abundantly
I am blessed abundantly

My life is blessed with
so much abundance
so much prosperity
so much success

I am happy about it

I am enjoying every moment of it

With thanks and in full faith.
Make a Wish for Abundance

Wish-Fulfilling Angel on the Lake


I, as a son or daughter of the new age awakening now upon the earth command forth in the
name of my mighty 'I AM' presence that my holy Christ self flow forth into my human mind and
perform the work of re-uniting me to its God receiver.
Oh come into me now oh Christed one and raise me back up to my source.
Bring forth God energies necessary for me know only the perfection of God's love, life and
light this day, in all I see, speak and do. So be it done, in the name of my mighty 'I Am' presence.

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I am a child of the light,
I serve with the Brotherhood of Light
to bring light upon this planet

I am a guardian of the light
I am love in action here
Co-operating with love and the light of the universe
I am dedicated to the kingdom of God on Earth
Interplanetary Fellowship and Universal Peace.

I invoke the light for my protection
and will not receive the words of any being
who does not serve the golden white light of God
In Heaven or on Earth.