Shakti Yoga of Manifestation

"Spiraling motion draws energy into the spiral. It was a spiral of energy that originally formed the universe. It is the Cosmic Heart Spiral of Love that awakens our hearts to the Light and Love of the God Source and transforms us to become Self-Realized Universal Christed Beings."
                                                      - Yogi Sharanananda

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Tzolkin, Hologram of Time

Zero Point?

Point of Creation?

Point of Freedom?

Point of Connection?

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Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai 'Tsebayoth

"In terms of human evolution, love is where you are heading - it is your potential to experience the emotion of love continuously on all levels of consciousness." - Hathors

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The Cosmic Heart Spiral of Love is encoded with Hologram of Love Merkaba
and Tube Torus in meditation for ascension, enlightenment and healing.
Supplementary meditation techniques are included with theoretical concepts.
My thanks to Jill Purce, Michael Kauderer, Dan Winter and my teacher Ascended Master Miguel Nator for their enlightening work.

It is included FREE for the students of the "Cosmic Heart Spiral of Love Workshop"
as an essential supplementary material to the meditation techniques.

The above encoded Pranic Generator Applet with Tzolkin image (not shown) and meditation instruction
can be used for healing and ascension of consciousness and can be ordered in diskette form through Paypal.
(Cosmic Heart Spiral of Love ® with 555 Pentagram, Dreamspell calendar/oracle and Mantras Applets included)

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