Rinri Project
the Great Scientific Experiment called Peace

We know you can't make peace unless you are peace, and the whole key to having peace is by being peace. The problem of peace really is not an ideological problem. It is a problem of spiritual-moral failure, which is also a function of the rupture of biogeomagnetic resonance.

If we want to actually create peace, then we have to heal the break in the biogeomagnetic resonance. That is actually the first step in creating peace. The people who believe in this have to begin to do this, so that we can demonstrate the we are peace.

Peace has nothing to do with peace treaties, police forces and armies that 'enforce' peace. The human race has become so used to thinking that peace is protected by police and armies, that the human race has to have a demonstration of what real peace is. That can only be demonstrated by people who are the examples of peace, who are creating and living by a science that creates peace. A science that exploits matter and atoms for the profit of money can never bring peace. Only a science that respects all of life and the laws of nature can bring peace. Only a science that understands that all of nature is governed by the Law of Time, can create a science that makes nature greater - rather than a science that diminishes nature. How can we make nature greater? This is the purpose of the Rainbow Bridge.

DNA and Spiraling Caudaecius

What we are doing is very fantastic. We are actually empowering what is called the imaginal realm. This imaginal realm has been disempowered through the process of living in the 12:60 institutional world, and all of the historical conditionings.

So, rather than developing the imaginal realm, we go to movies, watch television or read fantasy books. By doing that, we put our mind out there. We are saying, "No, the power is here." We can do all the things we see being done in movies, in television, and the fantasy books. That whole entertainment industry exists to keep us from really exploring our own imaginal realm. It's one of the most powerful forms of Babylonian mind enslavement there is.

We don't need that, and that certainly will not help us in creating the Rainbow Bridge.

We are talking about establishing an utterly new belief system, which is in accord with the synchronic order of the Law of Time.

Everything begins in the imagination. The atomic bomb began in the imagination. The Rainbow Bridge also begins in the imagination. But it is in the imagination of the mind of peace, in accord with the synchronic order of the Law of Time.

Rainbow Bridge meditation
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