"When you become awakened to your galactic signature & its energy..., you'll remember who and what you are..., as well as, what your purpose is on this planet!" - Dr. Jose Arguelles, Ph.D.

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Your Own Personal Readings
according to Dreamspell Calendar/Oracle

What is my galactic blueprint?
What is my purpose in life?
What are my Solar Energy Seals?
What are my Galactic Energy Tones?
What Kin Day of the Tzolkin was I born in?

The above questions can be answered through the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar and Oracle as they have answered mine.

According to Willard Van de Bogart's Oracle of Galactic Consciousness, "Embodied within each of the solar seals are the hidden forces of the universe. These forces comprise all movement and all measurement in the known universe. Each solar seal is a symbolic representation of a unique aspect of the forces of creation. All 20 representations of these forces, when integrated into the human psyche, comprise all the known forces of the universe.

Each solar seal, when incorporated into daily action and practice, will act as a metaphor to aid in becoming that force. When all 20 solar seals are fully understood, a daily drawing of a seal can bring about a new sense of empowerment on the deepest subconscious levels to begin our ascension into a new galactic awareness.

It is the intent of the Oracle reading to allow a total understanding of what it would be like to have a comprehensive understanding of a galactic mind in the universe. The Maya were a people that saw far out into the galactic center, and based their entire cosmology on their understanding of how we on the terrestrial plane interact with the whole universe.

Each solar seal has three suggested starting points to unlock the secret forces comprising our archetypal natures.

  • Energy State This is the formative energy that dictates the identity of the archetype. This represents one of 20 facets of universal consciousness.

  • Manifestation This is how the energy state makes its appearance on the physical plane so that we can interact with the energy. As the archetype becomes active in our consciousness we can then represent that energy in our daily actions.

  • Accomplishment This is how the energy state finally is used on the Earth plane to usher in the behavior of a galactic being in the universe. Our actions on the Earth plane using the archetypal energy creates a bonding to each of the other archetypes for a complete global synthesis of galactic consciousness.

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Challenge ---- You ---- Support

The center solar seal represents you at that moment. It is a way to use the wisdom of the message of the solar seals, as well as the symbolic representation of the solar seals with their iconography, color, and movement. If we are to emerge on this planet as whole beings, with all of nature under consideration before we make an action, then it is important that we optimize our minds when considering all the forces that constitute our psyches. All of us are about to embark on a star seed mission as we venture into space as galactic conscious human beings. We owe it to ourselves to expand our comprehension of how these 20 universal forces of the Maya can help us become responsible galactic conscious beings.

The four other solar seals are optional in developing a complete reading of the oracle of galactic consciousness.

The solar seal on the right represents the forces that support and help your psyche in its mission to define itself in the universe.

The solar seal on the top represents the forces that help guide you in your daily actions. It is those guides from the spirit world that lend their support, and help make decisions for us to conduct ourselves during the day.

The solar seal on the left is the force that challenges us to think and solve problems that will support the effort we must create to forge ahead in time. We bring solutions to our lives by learning how to overcome obstacles.

The solar seal on the bottom represents all the unknown forces that impinge on our psyche daily. We are every bit a part of the universe, and all forces need to be integrated, even the ones we least expect, and they will present themselves to us in ways we would of never thought possible."

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In addition, I will also email to your email address your galactic signature in Adobe Acrobat PDF format sample (1) and Oracle reading in Adobe Acrobat PDF format sample (2) according to the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar/Oracle with 3 starting points (energy, manifestation and accomplishment) for each of the 5 solar seals of your oracle.

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