"Just as air is the atmosphere of the body,
so time is the atmosphere of the mind;
if the time in which we live consists of uneven months and days regulated by
mechanized minutes and hours, that is what becomes
of our mind: a mechanized irregularity.
Since everything follows from mind, it is no wonder that
The atmosphere in which we live daily becomes more pollute,
And the greatest complaint is: 'I just don't have enough time!'
Who owns your time, owns your mind.
Own your own time and you will know your own mind."

Jose and Lloydine Arguelles

Time, 13-Moon Calendar and Liberation


According to Dr. José Argüelles, PhD.: "The simple and easiest way to reprogram your daily awareness of the actual nature of time is to follow the 13 Moon Calendar."

"From a whole system perspective, time, humanity, and nature are inseparable. Our physical and emotional bodies are moved by the same lunar, solar and planetary forces. Where we appear separate in space, we are unified in time.

When we structure our lives by the artificial rhythm of the clock and 12-month calendar, we expose our central nervous system, and subsequently, our entire mental-emotional body to the frequency of a machine."

Through understanding the nature of time and applying the daily affirmations of the 13-moon calendar, our mind is synchronized with the Galactic Synchronization Beam from the G-force (Zero Point, Point of Creation) of The Source which reorients our mind into the now. Since the erroneous artificial 12:60 (12 months 60 minutes) timing frequency reorients our mind to the past and to the future and not in the now, our body, mind, emotion and spirit are not in synch. No wonder we have health and social problems.

I believe that the artificial 12:60 timing frequency most of the world population are using is the root cause of human problems because the 12:60 timing frequency is for machines and not for galactic interdimensional humans whose physical, mental and emotional bodies are moved and sustained by the same lunar, solar and planetary forces. I also believe that healing, ascension, telepathy and enlightenment are made possible when the 13-moon calendar and Rinri meditation are applied daily with advanced techniques of meditation which synchronize our heart unified psychic centers' (chakras) vibratory frequency with the heart of the galactic core's 13:20 timing frequency and the heart of Mother Earth's crystalline core expanding our psychic consciousness neutralizing the sense of separation caused by living 12:60 timing frequency. Thus, we become true Surfers of the Zuvuya, a cosmic wave of energy that both defines and connects us all, riding high on our personal resonant wave of Source energy. (See Kin Days of the Tzolkin & the Sacred Mayan Tzolkin)

"Greater than any gift is the gift of time".

In Lak'ech (Mayan for "I am another yourself"),

Ricardo B. Serrano, Yogi Sharanananda, White Overtone Wind
Founder of the Cosmic Heart Spiral of Love Shakti Yoga of Manifestation

The following excerpts from Jose and Lloydine Arguelles' Thirteen Moons in Motion: A Dreamspell Primer explain the nature of time and the vehicle of liberation through the use of the 13-moon calendar.

The 13-Moon calendar and the Nature of Time

Welcome to the fourth-dimension! You've been here all the time, but just haven't known about it! Your ideas of time have been programmed by the clock and the 12-month calendar. The clock is actually third-dimensional measurements of space applied to the idea of time; while the 12-month Gregorian calendar is an illogical and inaccurate effort of keeping a count of days.

If the nature of space is interlocking sets and levels of atomic and molecular structures, the nature of time consists of interlocking levels and sets of holon simultaneities.

Just as the atom is the primal model and unit of space, so the holon is the primal model and unit of time. Space is the third dimension, time is the fourth.

Holon Tetrahedron

The base holon unit is the 'perfect fifth:' a tetrahedron (four-sided pyramid) and its invisible center point, the g-force core. G-force is the 'mysterious' fifth force; its core is always in the now. The holon-tetrahedron forms the underlying structure of the 13-tone wavespell. The 13-tone wavespell is the living cosmology of the fourth-dimension.

13-Tone WavespellThe four visible points of the holon-tetrahedron create the two gates and two towers of the wavespell: the magnetic gate (tone 1), the overtone tower (tone 5), the solar tower (tone 9), and the cosmic gate (tone 13). The nine remaining tonal positions create the nine 'chambers of the wavespell'.

The wavespell is the fourth-dimensional 'standard of measure.' The wavespell may be expanded or decreased according to the law of kin equivalents.

A kin is the fourth-dimensional 'unit of measure.' In the wavespell each of the 13 tones is accorded the equivalent of one kin. The wavespell can accomodate the count of 13 days, where one kin is one year, and so on.

The 13-moon calendar is also a wavespell, where one kin equals a moon of 28 days. Each 28-day moon is a perfect set of four seven day weeks. Each set of four weeks of the 13-moon calendar is an 'augmented harmonic.' The harmonic is a four-kin unit, the smallest aggregate unit of the 260-kin galactic spin.

The purpose of the 13-moon calendar is to synchronize the solar-lunar year of 365 days -- 13 moons of 28 days each, 52 weeks of seven days each, plus green day [Day-Out-of-Time] -- with the galactic spin of 260 kin (days). The 260 kin galactic spin is the ceaselessly spiraling vortex of time that synchronizes with the 13-moon calendar precisely every 52 years.

Each galactic spin consists of 20 13-kin (day) wavespells. These wavespells are arranged in five sets of four. Each set of four wavespells is color-coded: red, white, blue, and yellow.

The 13-moon calendar is programmed so that the color-coded 13-day wavespells appear in unending sequence as an overlay on the four seven-day weeks of each moon.

The 13-Moon Calendar: A Vehicle of Liberation

The 13-Moon calendar is a special application of the 13-tone wavespell cosmology. The wavespell is the form-in-time of universal life. Universal life means that everything is alive. Since everything takes its form in time, time is life, time is biology, galactic biology, cosmic biology. The wavespell is actually a fourth-dimensional form of life, and may assume the qualities of a living being.

As a living being, the wavespell of the 13-moon calendar is a planetary vehicle of liberation and enlightenment. The 13-moon calendar is a vehicle which has the power of automatically and simultaneously entering every human on the planet into the new time of galactic culture on Earth.

The new time of the thirteen moons is the new path of life for creating equality and non-aggression on planet Earth. Once entered into, the new time of the 13-moon calendar synchronizes all humans with themselves and with the planet. Confusion will be eliminated, and forgiveness and liberation may be instantly granted. This liberation is the liberation from fear and ignorance. Why and How?

The 13-moon calendar places everyone in the correct time: now. The 13-moon calendar is without a history. It does not drag a past forward but brings the galactic order into focus, in the now. Now is without a history. The corrrect time is now, and the only enlightenment is now. Any now can be as simple as a breath of air, or as complex and overlaid as a profound meditative reflection.

Now-centered and without a history, the wavespell of the 13-moon calendar is a vehicle of salvation for all of humanity and the planet.

The 13-moon calendar is a skillful means provided by the Galactic Federation to enable every human to experience her or his own enlightenment. By following the 13-moon calendar, the human enters the perfect form of the annual planetary wavespell. The wavespell is the living galactic unit of time. It is the cosmobiological indicator of higher dimensional existence. It is the way lower dimensional existence evolves and awakens into its galactically enlightened form.

As an annual planetary wavespell, the 13-moon calendar describes the galactically attuned enlightenment body of planet Earth. This is why it is a complete vehicle and path of liberation from the confusion and torment of not knowing in the now -- which is enlightenment. As a description of the enlightenment body of the Earth-in-time, the calendar of the 13-moon wavespell can bring all humans into enlightenment in the course of eight solar-lunar years.

For more info, please download in PDF format Thirteen Moons in Motion: A Dreamspell Primer

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