Lord Pacal Votan
-Time's Special Witness -

During the height of the Classic Maya civilization, Lord Pacal Votan ruled the empire of Nah Chan Palenque (in present day Chiapas, Mexico), for 52 years. He is revered as the chief engineer who guided the Mayan mission of inscripting stone monuments with precise astronomical and astrological information during the 10th Baktun (435-830 AD).

Radiant Tzolkin

Earth Wizard Stargazer

Known as a magician of time, he understood mathematics, or numbers, as a type of language that transcends the subjectivity of human verbal experience. His sentiment "All is number. **God is a number. God is in All." is an intriguing way to catalogue the Maya's message that we are intimately linked with and informed by the Galaxy. All of life is ordered by the same basic, re-ocurring patterns.

Pacal Votan's prophecy speaks of the Closing of the Cycle. This is the phase we are in now, ever approaching the long-awaited synchronization point of December 21, 2012 AD.

As we say to one another, "IT IS DARKEST BEFORE THE DAWN." Pacal Votan knew that humanity would forget their link to nature. He knew that we would be put to the test to see if we can regain our conscious connection to Time as the universal frequency of synchronization, not the illusionary wristwatch time.

Pacal Votan, Yellow Galactic Sun (8 Ahau), wanted to alert us to the closing of this cycle of cosmic amnesia, and the dawning of the new creation (2013 AD). He wanted to clearly demonstrate the mathematical code ratios of both natural and mechanical time so that humanity would take note of their discrepancy and get back on track with the evolutionary program!

natural time: - 13:20
(13 annual moon cycles, 20 fingers and toes)

mechanical time - 12:60
(12 month calendar, 60 minute hour)

What better way to alert us, than to leave us CLUES IN STONE!

Lets's check the numbers -

Pacal Votan died in 683 AD, yet 9 years passed before his tomb was dedicated and sealed in 692 AD. His tomb was not discovered and re-opened until 1952.

Between 692 and 1952,
there is exactly 1260 years.
(12:60 man-made time)

Between 692 and 2012 (the closing of the cycle)
there is exactly 1320 years.
(13:20 universal time)

His prophecy is said to be radiantly transmitted through "Telektonon" - the talking stone of prophecy. This actual, physical telektonon tube can be found today right where it was constructed long ago - at the bottom of the 9-storied Temple of the Inscriptions, Palenque - Chiapas, Mexico:


This sacred plaster tube which runs from above ground, all the way down 69 steps to the underground chamber which holds Pacal's huge limestone sarcophagus tomb, was actually responsible for the re-discovery of the tomb by archeologist Alberto Ruz on June 15th, 1952. After finding a small piece of this white tile tubing, Ruz led a 3 year excavation process, (beginning in 1949) resulting in the unearthing of this ancient prophet's stone haven.

**In the Mayan language, the word "Hunab Ku" means Source
- The One, Giver of Movement and Measure, the galactic core, "God".

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