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Current downloads:

All downloads are .pdf files. If you have trouble opening these contact serrano@holisticwebs.com

Rainbow meditation The entire Rinri Project Booklet is online at the Invisible College Website.

Complete Rinri Meditation, given by Valum Votan.
transcript of meditation as Adobe pdf.

Download in Adobe pdf the Rinri Project

Its here! The booklet of 7:7::7:7 Practical Time Magick! The downloadable manual is available. If you have the 7:7::7:7 boxed kit you can use this manual with the cards provided.


Tutorials and Booklets:

Indigenous Counts: Information on the 13 moon counts of the Druids, Incas, and Lakota.

Rinri and Eagle and the Condor Principles. Principles to follow during the 16 days of the cube, taken from Japanese Rinri and Native American Eagle and the Condor traditions.

26 Runes of Elder Futhark. Follow the runes during the 28 days of each moon.

Seven Moral Categories of Enlightened Behavior. Mahayana Buddhist text. From the Flower Garland Sutura. Read one moral category each day.

Ibn' Al Arabi 28-letter Cosmology. You can follow the 28 letters, one each day.


Teaching Tools:

Beginning Handout Page 1. Good to give to people completely new to this.
Beginning Handout Page 2.

13 Moon Calendar. Page 1. The foldout pocket calendar for Planetary Moon Year.
13 Moon Calendar. Page 2.

Compass. Front Side. The galactic compass from the Dreamspell box kit.
Compass. Back Side.

Chromatics and Time Cells. Shows the 20 Seals in Chromatic and Time Cell configurations.

Telektonon. Sample board (very simple, does not include turtles, cards, and is not complete) Useful for people who use the online Telektonon but do not have the boxed kit, or useful for instruction.

NEW! The 20 Tablets of the Law of Time available in jpg and pdf format.

Just a Thirteen Moon Calendar. Simple format for those new to the movement. Thanks to White Rhythmic World-bridger, PAN Canada.

NEW! 13 Moon - Self Study Pilot Program. Simple PDF format for those new to the movement.

Get Synchronized with 13:20

One day Earth Wizard Workshop by Ricardo B. Serrano, R.Ac.

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