Galactic Shield of the Galactic Federation

“Galactic Federation - Higher dimensional intelligence organization responsible for
supervising third dimensional free will experiment now focused on planet Earth.”

Telektonon Instruction Manual, p.45

Dreamspell and Galactic Federation

The following articles will explain the essence of Dreamspell and the meaning of the term Galactic Federation and its association with the AHAU KINES.

According to Willard Van de Bogart's article What's New in Calendar, "Ever since Arguelles published his trilogy, Earth Ascending, The Mayan Factor, and Surfers of the Zuvuya many people have come to know of the Mayan's as a deeply spiritual people who believed in receiving instructions from Hunab Ku on how best to live their lives. Hunab Ku is centered at the hub of our local galaxy. The Mayans called this flow of information from Hunab Ku as the great G force, and used the G symbol on all their temples. To the Mayans this G force represented all the understandings of measurement and movement in the universe. When the Mayans developed their calendar they used a grid composed of 260 squares each with a number associated with it.

These numbers represented the movement of the planets in our solar system as well as other sequences which scholars are still discovering. The grid is known as the Tzolkin or the Mayan Sacred Calendar. For over 30 years Arguelles has been studying this grid, and his discovery of how the Mayan's used this calendar is the basis for Dreamspell. As I mentioned earlier the current standard for measuring time is the Gregorian calendar. Keeping in mind that a calendar is a system to measure time it also stands to reason that any calendar will also measure cycles. Arguelles proposes that the Gregorian calendar is an unnatural system to humans to measure time by, and also keeps us humans earth centered rather than galactic centered.

This unnaturalness is expressed by Arguelles as "timing frequencies", and the Gregorian frequency is considered a 12/60 frequency meaning 12 months and 60 minutes per hour. This 12/60 frequency or ratio, Arguelles feels, is a timing frequency which represents the "third-dimensional civilization". It is this 12/60 civilization which is responsible for the concept of materialism, and thus the main underpinning for the industrial society which is using up all of natures natural resources.

The Mayan calendar, on the other hand, according to Arguelles, functions on a 13/20 frequency which stands for 13 moons, and the 20 sacred glyphs which make up the 20 days in a Mayan month. Dreamspell is, therefore, a board game that allows participation in the correction of the 12/60 timing frequency, and replaces it with the perpetual calendar of the 13 moons.

The 13 moon calendar provides a perpetually recurring, logically consistent annual time frame in accord with the naturally occuring 13 lunations of planet earth. The 13 moon calendar can do this because it is a galactic timing device.

According to Arguelles, being galactic, the adoption of the 13 moon calendar will automatically enter humanity into the 4th dimension. Therefore, the 13 moon calendar gives humanity back to a larger solar-galactic 52 year cycle. It takes exactly 52 cycles of the Mayan calendar to return to the same glyph on the same exact day in the calendar. According to Dreamspell the last possible moment for entering the 13/20 timing frequency is July 26, 1992, and is referred to as Time Shift. Some people also consider this date of July 26, 1992 as Harmonic Convergence II.

However, it is to be known as Time Shift. By accepting and adopting the Dreamspell calendar of the 13 moons, Arguelles provides a rite of passage into a new time, the 4th-dimensional order of the Galactic Federation, the great G force, called Hunab Ku by the Mayans. Each Dreamspell player learns the day they were born on in the Mayan calendar, and acquires one of the 20 sacred signs as a "galactic signature", and enters the Rainbow Nation as a kin member. Each kin member also has a number, and a color associated with their sign, and it is one of these 260 numbers comprising the Tzolkin or the Mayan sacred calendar that enables playing the Dreamspell. The Dreamspell board game allows the kin member to move their glyphs or sacred signs over vast periods of time represented on the game boards called the "Chromatic Time Tunnel".

By playing Dreamspell you enter this tunnel , and at the other end meet the "galactic fifth force", also known as the Galactic Federation. Dreamspellers' learn how to communicate with the Galactic Federation, and reclaim their galactic heritage which was removed by using the 12/60 timing frequency.

For example: I am a White Crystal Dog in the Dreamspell, and I use the planet Mercury to assist me in navigating in the Chromatic Time Tunnel. I am guided by the wind and the spirit, and also aided by the moon and challenged by the sun. All the mysterious forces in the known and unknown universe are overseen by the Monkey glyph who presides over all those hidden forces impacting on my life. All of my kin relationships form my personal destiny pattern or my radial polarity configuration. Likewise every other kin has a different set of relationships, and when all the Dreamspell players learn their kin relationships they form the Rainbow Nation, and telepathically communicate in the 4th-dimension. In a nutshell that is the essence of Dreamspell."

According to Jose Arguelles' article Triumph of the Synchronic Order, "As the mapping of the synchronic order, the Dreamspell is the hardware of the Law of Time. If the Dreamspell is correct, then it verifies all else that is correct, and all else that is correct will verify the Dreamspell codes. Since the Dreamspell is a manifestation of the synchronic order and affirms a level of fourth-dimensional mental functioning hitherto unknown, it also speaks from a purely spiritual voice. “The Galactic Federation Comes in peace,” is the motto associated with the Dreamspell. What is the Galactic Federation? An angelic order defined in the following way:

“The Galactic Federation of hyperdimensional mind
is the future order and organization of all consciousness
intelligently ramified by degrees and ranks,
stored according to a comprehensive knowledge
of all phases of the evolutionary spectrum constituting the galactic brain.
The only purpose of the Galactic Federation is to increase awareness of God
and the divine order, which can only be effected
through subliminal feedback to input from the lower orders of time.”
Dynamics of Time, Postulate 17.6

Think about these things. In the Dreamspell Book of Kin who is the speaker? Who is the “I” that speaks?

“I perfect in order to equalize
producing opportunity
I seal the store of death with the planetary tone of manifestation
I am guided by the power of timelessness”

Who is this “I”?

It is the fourth dimensional “I” of the autonomous anonymous universal collective mind of the galactic brain, and not the “I “ presumed upon by the egoic individual being.

The “subliminal feedback to input from the lower orders of time” is the result of a comprehension of the synchronic order liberated from the demands of historical thinking.

The Triumph of the synchronic order is the triumph of the spirit, not the human spirit - which is a disaster - but the divine spirit operating through the human who has surrendered his or her will to the Higher Order of God.

Dreamspell is not a toy, but a revelation of the divine mind at play creating the celestial harmonics of the synchronic order so that we, as humans, might ascend into the spiritual and mental purity of galactic culture."

According to Jose Arguelles' The Mayan Factor, "At the beginning of the present evolutionary cycle, almost 26,000 years ago, at the peak of the last Ice Age, the solar lords, the AHAU KINES, were endowed, courtesy of the Galactic Federation, with the evolutionary seed-pack for the activation of different stages of the present cycle. The elements of the seed-pack are the purely electromagnetic forms of the archetypes of the evolutionary cycle. As the synchronization of third- with fourth-dimensional need -- the physical with the light body -- reaches certain stages or levels of development, a triggering of suitable archetypal forms occurs.

Pacal (Solar Shield) Votan, Solar LordThe mythic name for the fifth dimensional planetary realm of solar lords, the AHAU KINES, the custodians of the archetypes of the evolutionary cycle, is none other than Shambhala. Directly interfacing with the Galactic Federation, positioned in relation to the north magnetic pole of the planet, and in particular attunement with Orion and Arcturus, the Kingdom of Shambhala entered the third and fourth dimensions during one particular stage of the present cycle.

And yet, we shall know. Like infants in a vast new playground, we shall retain the highest and most exalted vision. Purpose will be illumined to new levels of spontaneity. Everywhere shall be heard the Voices of the Galactic Federation: the Elders, the Ancestors, the great Bodhisattvas and Saints, the Maya returned, our deepest Selves, the Cosmic Mirror, the Raiment of Space and Time made One. As one voice, the announcement shall be made, heard by one ear: And now the adventure begins!"

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The Galactic Federation Comes in Peace!

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