Affirming the Soul

If Heaven Energy is related to your spirit body and Earth Energy is related to your physical body, then Man or Cosmic Qi, Higher Self is in turn related to your "soul body" or "energy body."

- Taoist Qi Gong Master Mantak Chia

The following affirmation is based on one taught by the Grand Master of Pranic HealingSM and Arhatic YogaSM, Master Choa Kok Sui. This has proven a most useful and worthwhile affirmation for building up of the self - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Those experiencing crises such as depression, anxiety, or financial difficulty are encouraged to recite this affirmation three times a day for as long as necessary. Thereafter, once a day may be enough.


Soul or Energy Body above the physical body
of the Soul

I am the Soul.

I am Divine.

I am a Child of God.

 I am a vessel of Divine Light, Divine Love & Divine Power.

 I am a vessel of abundance; material & spiritual.

 I attract and radiate health, wealth & success.

 I am the epitome of health: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.

 I am the Soul.

(3 X)


(3 X)



The Energy or Soul body is Born from the Original Force - Born Again

Most people are afraid of death, but need not be. The Taoist belief is that death is the spirit changing residence. Your physical body will return to the dust from which it came, but Qi, soul, and spirit come from the planets and stars and from the Original Force, the Wu Qi. In separating the soul and spirit from the physical body, you are practicing death and your return to the Wu Qi. In learning how to condense and transfer this energy, and send it back to the planets and stars and to the Original Force, you can be assured that your energy body will continue as part of the universe.

- Taoist Qi Gong Master Mantak Chia

Pakua, The Cauldron of Fusing the Energy and Emotions
Fusion of the Five Elements

Spiraling motion draws
energy into the spiral

Based on the Taoist Five Element Theory regarding the five elemental forces of the universe, the student learns how to control negative energies and how to transform them into useful energy. The student also learns how to create a pearl of radiant energy and how to increase its power with additional internal energy (virtue energy) as well as external sources of energy - Universal, Cosmic Particle, and Earth. All combine in a balanced way to prepare the pearl for its use in the creation of an energy body. The creation of an energy body is the next major step in achieving the goal of creating an immortal spirit.


If you haven't cried a number of times, your meditation hasn't really begun.

--- Achaan Chah

Meditation on Twin Hearts

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