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"The Melchizedek Method is much more than a lightbody activation healing and rejuvenation technique. It is a whole new formula for body health, harmony and spiritual ascension." Master Thoth

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The Melchizedek Method
Facilitated by
Yogi Sharanananda
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Earth Keeper Crystal
Earth Keeper Crystal

The Earth Keepers, when activated by those who carry the ancient knowledge, will serve to embody the consciousness of the Elders, enabling the new race of Terra (earth) to establish consciousness communication with its celestial lineage.

Katrina Raphaell, Crystal Minister, Healer /Teacher

Earth Keeper Crystal (2)
by Yogi Sharanananda

"What happens when earth keeper crystals are activated?" you might ask.

According to Katrina Raphaell's Crystal Healing book, When the Earth Keeper Crystals are activated, they will again serve to channel higher cosmic frequencies onto the planet, enabling accomplishment of conscious attunement and alignment with those forces.

Upon activation of these crystals we can learn the secrets of how to be in a physical body and in a material world, yet not be bound to it. When the Earth Keepers are in a state of complete activation their very presence will create greater awareness and expanded thinking. It would be of most benefit if these crystals were used in healing centers, communities, or group gatherings where many people could be exposed to their energies.

When the Earth Keepers are worked with in group meditation practices they will assist individuals in expanding their concept of "self" to include all the persons participating in the meditation. With unity of mind, oneness of heart, and synchronicity of spirit, the power that a group has to create positive change multiples a thousandfold. The Earth Keepers can teach us how to shift our one-track focus and realize the multiple potentials that can be created when we learn to see beyond our noses and witness the greater scheme of things. With all persons vibrating at the same frequency around the great Earth Keepers, we will be taught how to become "the keepers of the earth" and a tremendous elevation for this planet will result. As individuals learn to unite into groups in this way, the unification of the human race into one being will be just a step away. The impersonality that the Earth Keeper Crystals teach is not one of indifference, but rather of commited concern - to the degree of letting go of individual ego interests in order to dedicate time, space, energy and focus towards unity.

These crystals evoke positive action. They create harmony. They are here to unite us with the source from which we sprang and to teach how to maintain our connection with both the earth and the heavens. These crystals carry within them the memory of being transported here and can potentially teach us the art of time travel. They can teach us how to maintain a physical existence and also release our identity to it as we soar the higher dimensions of reality. As a race we are ready. Ready again to take a giant step in evolution and assist in aligning the earth entity Terra to the cosmic rays emanating from the great central sun at the core of the galaxy. When this occurs human consciousness will totally reawaken to the realities that are now beyond comprehension. The Earth Keepers are part of that awakening and will inspire our latent potential and stimulate the dormant areas of our brains to embrace our ultimate destiny. Terra is becoming of age. She is ready to cross the threshold into maturity and adulthood and become one with the vast expanse of cosmic space of which she is a vital part.

The above statements by Crystal Minister /Teacher, Katrina Raphaell, are not a product of imagination but very real when experienced during meditation as I have experienced it when meditating with the original Kamadon Earth Keeper Crystal during the Melchizedek method workshop.

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