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The quartz crystal seems to to be able to act as a kind of thoughtform capacitor in that it is able to absorb a charge of healing energy of very specific frequency characteristics. When the crystal is used in this fashion, it emulates an electrical capacitor which is able to store up weak energetic charges over a period of time and then discharge its contents in a single powerful burst.
- Dr. Richard Gerber, Vibrational Medicine

Long Distance Healing

metatron's cube
The Melchizedek Method
Facilitated by
Yogi Sharanananda
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Distance Healing Quartz Point Crystal

Encoded Distance Healing Crystal
Form for Everyone to Use.
Thought Intention

Because quartz crystals are thought-energy amplifiers and operate at the level of magnetoelectric energies, the thought-directed energy frequencies of the healer may be intensified and simultaneously broadcast at a distance to the patient.

Dr. Richard Gerber, Vibrational Medicine

Distance Healing with Distance Healing Crystal
by Yogi Sharanananda

Instructions for proper use:

Please fill up the above form as you would as if you are sending email to someone who needs distance healing.

I have programmed the healing crystal in the above picture to send your loving healing energy to someone you know who needs healing. The encoded healing crystal will automatically amplify your healing thoughtforms and connect with the subject's subtle energy system to activate it for healing.

Thought intention with breath:

I command the healing crystal to amplify my loving healing thoughtforms to connect with ________________ (name of the subject) and activate his /her subtle energy system for healing _____________ (disorder). So be it. Back to Form

NOTE: The message will be sent to my email address as a record of who have used it and will automatically connect you with the distance healing crystal in my possession upon receipt. As your message is confidential, please rest at ease that the person's name and disorder will remain confidential in my records. What you give is what you receive. Donations are accepted with free online assessment. Thank you.

Whatever thought is held with certainty,
that very thing comes into existence.
- Yogavashista

The stronger the thoughts,
the earlier the fructification.
- Thought-Power, Swami Sivananda

The more he gives to others, the more he receives.
- Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu

This is my humble contribution as directed by my Spirit guide to provide somebody who desperately needs a medium (healing crystal) to enable him/ her to send loving healing thoughts to someone who needs it. Please use the above healing crystal by filling the above form, holding the healing thoughtforms and clicking the send button. Repeat 3x a week. I would also recommend that you read and apply the meditation techniques at my What is DISTANCE HEALING and Its Healing Benefits? web page with Keys to Healing and Self-Mastery book to complement Distance Crystal Healing.

May Lord Sananda and the Holy Masters of the Melchizedek Order of Mastery inspire, guide, and grant you wisdom now and in the years ahead.

All in One Love,

Yogi Sharanananda
Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Pranic and Crystal Healer
Melchizedek Method Facilitator
Holographic Sound Healing Facilitator

Note: The healing crystal in this web page cannot replace the encoded healing crystal or Crystal Bowl owned or used by an advanced healer for pranic crystal healing or Melchizedek Method /Holographic Sound Healing distance healing which is much more effective due to its resonance frequency to the healer's merkabah's field signature. If you have any inquiries or any healing results you would like to let me know, please email me at crystal@holisticwebs.com

I recommend this ebook to complement Distance Crystal Healing

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Thank you very much!

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