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The Melchizedek Method
Facilitated by
Yogi Sharanananda
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metatron's cube

Madagascar Quartz Cluster

The crystal works much the same way that a laser does: it takes scattered rays of energy and makes the energy field so coherent and unidirectional that a tremendous force is generated.

Dr. Marcel Vogel, The Healing Magic of Crystals

Crystal Power
by Yogi Sharanananda

There are a lot of people who think that crystals have power. They don't. They have amplifying, absorbing and other properties or functions for the advanced healer and a clairvoyant channel. Crystals are only tools which extend the power of intent of the healer and a medium.

From my 20 years experience as a Traditional Chinese medical practitioner and a pranic crystal healer for close to a decade, I have used my encoded crystals to amplify my prana or Qi with or without the use of acupuncture needles. Another property of the crystals I have noticed many times is its absorbing or cleansing property. My patients who are sensitive to my prana or Qi I am channeling have noticed the increase or magnification of the prana whenever I pass or point my quartz wand over the chakras or acupuncture points of my patient I'm treating. They have noticed also that whenever I intentionally want to cleanse the negative entities or energy around the areas of their body, they felt a sense of release or calmness. Therefore, from my clinical perspective, crystals do amplify or strengthen the Qi or prana and absorb or cleanse the negative entities or energy of the patient which are necessary for healing to occur.

As a clairvoyant channel, Melchizedek Method and Holographic Sound Healing facilitator, my encoded Earth Keeper crystal and crystal bowl amplify my merkabah field a 1000th fold which enable me to contact the fifth dimension where the spirit world is and amplify my distant healing treatments a 1000th fold.

Another very interesting property of crystals is its close affinity to our body elementals and to the earth which build the energy of our base chakra at the base of the spine where most people have depleted due to inherent weakness, stress, low immune system defenses, negative thoughtforms and emotions, and drug addiction. Because of the crystals affinity to earth, it grounds a person's kidney energy through our feet way up to the base chakra. This property or function of crystals when used for healing and mediumship by a trained healer and medium - Kamadon master or Holographic Sound Healer - accomplishes what other system of healing only dream about.

There are a lot of skeptics out there who think that all these talk about the power of crystals are all wishful thinking. I say that they are only half-right and half-wrong. The proof is in the results of my spiritual and clinical experiences, and research which I am elaborating in this website. They are half-right in that crystals don't have power by themselves. They are are half-wrong because the power attributed to crystals should be attributed rightly to the inherent developed power of the healer/ medium using the encoded crystals as a tool for the extension of power being channeled.

I have constructed this website for two reasons which are:

  • To educate the general public regarding the use of crystals for healing and mediumship through my workshops.
  • To sell encoded crystals and crystal bowl to trained pranic healers, certified Melchizedek Method and Holographic Sound Healing practitioners and facilitators.

I am sharing this knowledge to those interested in crystals beyond its aesthetic appeal and glamour because of their necessary value for mastery in healing and spiritual ascension. They have been used by ancient healers and meditation masters for centuries and are just now being rediscovered.

Let me know if you have any questions by giving me a call at (604)987-1797 or by email at crystal@holisticwebs.com. Thank you for your time.


Ricardo Serrano, DTCM
Pranic and Crystal Healer
Melchizedek Method Facilitator
Holographic Sound Healing Facilitator

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