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The Melchizedek Method
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Yogi Sharanananda
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As the light body is integrated into the physical body, the living Christ will manifest in glorious creations in our lives.
- Katrina Raphaell, Crystalline Transmission

Christ Consciousness Redefined
by Yogi Sharanananda

"What is Christ Consciousness?" you might ask.

According to Katrina Raphaell's Crystalline Transmission, There is no doubt that Jesus the Christ was a perfected being (as well as several other masters and saints that have lived upon the earth). The life of Jesus Christ exemplified unconditional love. There is no question in my mind that all twelve of his chakras were activated and working in impeccable order. How else could he manifest the miracles and the healing that he did? He lived the reality of The Crystalline Transmission and attempted to teach others how to do so as well. We can further relate if we look at one of Jesus's most famous statements. "I and My Father are One," he said. It is obvious that he was one with his source, which in this context is defined as 'father.' Through the activation of the three transpersonal chakras, each one of us can also become one with that same source. With the simultaneous activation of the Earth Chakra, fully ordained Christhood is achieved and the manifestation of miracles and healing can occur on a mass level.

The Christ Consciousness is very much associated with the light body and the Soul Star (ninth chakra). It is at this chakra where the universal, omnipresent, omnipotent essence of the Stellar Gateway becomes individualized in the lighted 'Christ Self.' The Soul Star translates that cosmic energy into the Christ Consciousness to be relayed directly into the heart of humanity. Just as Jesus the Christed was a messenger on this planet for that state of being, so can we be. Jesus lived at the beginning of the Age of Pisces and served as a singular example of the reality of the Crystalline Transmission. Now, two thousand years later, as we enter into the Golden Age of Aquarius, that crystalline reality becomes possible for the masses. This is the true meaning of 'the second coming of the Christ.' It is in the inner sanctums of our hearts that the Christ Consciousness, actualized at the Soul Star, finds full expression in the miraculous power of love. As the Christ Consciousness is resurrected within us, the rebirth of total spiritual awareness will take place at the third eye and God's perfect plan will be revealed. As the light body is integrated into the physical body, the living Christ will manifest in glorious creations in our lives.

"What is the Crystalline Transmission all about?" you might then ask.

According to Katrina Raphaell's Crystalline Transmission book, The term "The Crystalline Transmission" is synonymous with "blending spirit and matter" and "living heaven on earth." This state of being is the eventual achievement of our human growth process and what each one of us has the opportunity to personally experience. Yes, history has recorded great individuals such as Akhnaton, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, and Gandhi who lived in accordance with divine will and served as examples to us of this possibility. But now, the time demands that a much larger number of people receive their divine inheritance by aligning with their soul's essence and striving to live that truth in all of life's activities. Only then, will spiritual force be transmitted into the essence of the earth's substance to affect all living creatures and make possible planetary transformation.

"What is the light body Katrina Raphaell referred to?" you might ask.

According to Katrian Raphaell's Crystalline Transmission book, The sun is both spiritual light and material form, the purest manifestation of the oneness of that which is visible with the invisible, of matter and energy. The sun is deified cosmic energy, so are crystals, and potentially, so are we. The true worship of the sun is based upon attunement not only to the light, but to the ultimate essence of all existence: the force behind the force, the impersonal energy of the cosmos. The sun is the light body of the earth, just as our light bodies exist in the Soul Star region above the tops of our heads. There are billions of suns, just as there are billions of people. The fact remains that the animating force behind it all, is Divine Presence. That essence can be attuned to and integrated into our twelve chakra system by practicing the ancient common worship of the sun.

The four chakras mentioned are the Earth Star which is situated six inches below our feet, the Causal Chakra which is Du Mo 20 acupuncture point on top of the head area, the Soul Star which is the 9th Chakra six inches above our head, and the Stellar Gateway which is the 10th Chakra one foot above our head.

Meditation on the Soul Affirmation

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