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When tests were conducted in China under the strict supervision of the Ministry of Health of China, Rene Caisse's remedy was always used in conjunction with YUCCA base herbal tea to bring about the best results.

As China is the leading authority on herbal medicine, it has a very well organized and respected scientific system to ensure that all imported herbal medicines meet the required specifications established during the tests for the import application. These specifications guarantee the consistency of the quality of the herbal drinks. MPS (China) has been given these specifications and is the only company that has a set system established by the Chinese herbal experts on the quality control of the herbal drinks. The Chinese herbal experts also recommended some modifications on the composition of the herbal drinks in order to amplify their benefits and results.

Due to various political restrictions, this type of research can only be done in China because the Chinese recognize the benefits of herbs and have more than 5,000 years of experience using herbs as medicine. The process that would not be allowed in Canada or the U.S. was made possible in China where a better system exists to evaluate, recognize, and appreciate the effectiveness and benefits of herbal remedies.

Chinese medicine
Activate the Self-Healing Power Within You

The Cure & Cause of
Cancer is Within You

Do the Herbal Formulas Really Cure?

No, they do not!

After working with thousands of users in Hong Kong and China, this seems to be a surprising answer. Rene Caisse's tea alone or together with the Yucca base herbal tea do not cure cancer. Although China's Ministry of Health has classified the herbal teas as medicine, they do not cure any disease but rather impact on the immune system (Wei Qi). The healing effect is from our immune system which is the best medicine that our creator gives us and it has the ability to handle many health conditions if it functions properly. Rene Caisse's remedy together with the Yucca base product are effective tools that serve the following purposes:

  1. Detoxification: They give a complete cleansing to the whole body and recondition the body environment. The toxins that we have accumulated in our cells, blood stream, intestines and other organs cause our immune system to function improperly. By detoxifying our body, our immune system has a chance to resume its normal functions and to correct the problems.

  2. Enzymes: The herbal teas supply enzymes to our body which will somehow stimulate our system to work more effectively. It is believed that people with degenerative diseases tend to have deficiency in certain nutrients and enzymes. The herbal teas provide enzymes which are critical for the body to better absorb necessary nutrients and to let the body better utilize the nutrients.

  3. Immune system booster: The tests done in China show clear evidence that the herbal teas can induce the body to produce more T cells.

  4. Powerful antioxidants: The herbal drinks are also very powerful antioxidants. The counter free radicals phenomenon can be demonstrated in people taking chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Taking the herbal drinks will alleviate the side effects of these invasive treatments which may cause serious damage to the body with the free radicals they degenerate.

The two herbal drinks do not take care of any particularly health problems. Instead of treating the symptoms of health problems, the herbal drinks provide cleansing, nutrients, and protection to the body cells and at the same time help the immune system restore its function. They help the body take care of the root of the problem instead of just the problem itself.

The tests conducted in China showed that in many cases people with several degenerative diseases experienced remarkable improvement on not just one but several or all of their health problems after taking the herbal drinks. Often, substantial results provided proof that hopeless people regained hope in their lives by restoring their health with the herbal drinks.

The herbal drinks do not cure ailments. They are rather powerful and effective tools that can be used to wake up the healing power within us through a strong immune system (Wei Qi) that can take care of most of our degenerative health conditions. This is the best and most effective medicine that we can have. We abuse our external and internal environment by man-made chemicals, pollutants, stress, and negative attitudes, and we suffer the consequences with serious health problems due to the suppression of our immune system. Our body is designed to provide solution for these problems. Mother nature provides the tools for us to unlock the gate to better health. It is up to us whether we use these tools.

In order for people with minor or serious health conditions to regain their health, or for those who want to preserve their good health, a holistic approach is important.

There are several elements that must be considered and followed in order for us to achieve a healthy life:

  1. Detoxification
  2. Adequate Nutrients
  3. Positive Attitude
  4. Proper Exercise
  5. Ample Rest

If these guidelines are followed, there is a better chance to address our health concerns and to maintain a healthy life. To stay healthy is a lifetime challenge which everyone should address.

For every problem, there is always a solution. We need the wisdom and knowledge to choose the right solution.

Rene Caisse was given the opportunity to bring forth a remarkable health solution to mankind. The Chinese had the foresight to enhance it. It is now up to us as individuals to use our own wisdom to determine whether the solution is right for our health.

Combo Pack of Cessiac and Yuccalive in 6-32 oz bottles The combination of these two herbal products has been proven to be the most powerful tools you can get to help restore your health. Both products work together to give a complete cleansing of your body and help to release your healing power within. This is the first step that is necessary of any healing to initiate.

To order, please use Kagi Online Order Processing for speedy delivery of herbal formulas within North America and email your Case history file for a FREE assessment. As a bonus, you can have FREE access to the Liver Flush, Ozone Therapy, Qi Meditation Techniques and Cancer Support websites.

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