"The perfect man is breathing as if he is not breathing"

- Lao Tze

The Buteyko Method
of Therapeutic Breathing for

ME/Chronic fatigue
Panic attacks
Gulf war syndrome
Sleep Apnoea
Sleeping disorders
High blood pressure

"Modern medicine has slipped to the levels of blind empiricism. This appears to have happened because attempts to find the causes of diseases such as asthma, stenocardia, hypertension, etc., have been fruitless therefore an important principle of medicine is being trampled on. The very principle upon which the Buteyko philosophy is based: "Having not found the reason of the disease, the physician has no right to treat the patient. Only having discovered the reason for the disease, is it possible to guarantee recovery."

Modern medicine, as it stands at the moment, has either stopped looking for the causes of asthma, stenocardia, hypertension, etc., or it has false impressions of their reasons. That is why these diseases continue to remain incurable. Through understanding "trigger factors" we can only hope to treat the problem symptomatically. Only through the understanding of the cause of the disease, can we hope to cure.

The aim of the Buteyko method is to correct the patient's breathing pattern, that is recondition the breathing pattern to internationally recommended levels. Through this process the shortfall of carbon dioxide is rectified. The Buteyko process is completely safe and drug free."

- Professor K.P. Buteyko

Please download the Buteyko Method
of Therapeutic Breathing


Buteyko breathing ebook has been discontinued and is now replaced with Guo Lin Qigong breathing
with Walking Qigong available through the book The Cure & Cause of Cancer.

"Breathing is the most important part of the GuoLin Qigong practice and other Qigong forms." - Ricardo B Serrano, R.Ac.
- Excerpts from page 53, The Cure & Cause of Cancer

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Prepared by Ricardo B. Serrano, R.Ac. © 2001
in consultation with Dr. Natalia Lapa and James Hooper

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