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I first consulted Mr. Serrano after having been told by a medical doctor in Victoria that I quite likely was exhibiting symptoms of multiple sclerosis. I was told that there was no cure and no way of diagnosing the condition except by monitoring the symptoms over months or even years. Shortly thereafter I saw a neurologist who neither confirmed nor denied this diagnosis.

Needless to say I returned to Port Hardy panick stricken, my symptoms of numbness, tingling, sore joints and muscles, stiff muscles and general fatigue increasing with a vengeance. In desperation I made an appointment with Ricardo, whom I had never before consulted. I told him my story to which he was quick to point out the power of the mind in either assisting or deterring the healing process. He then asked for a detailed medical history and asked questions concerning my lifestyle.

During the next two hours, he explained about detoxifying the system, while at the same time building up the body's own immunity. He also prescribed a restrictive diet, suggested special herbs and nutritional supplements, performed acupuncture and introduced me to a type of yoga meditation. I left feeling hopeful.

After that I saw Ricardo every four to six weeks for approximately five or six visits. During each visit we discussed whole food nutrition, exercise and meditation. His aim was, he said, to treat the whole person, body, mind and spirit. He always performed acupuncture and sometimes reflexology. Slowly my symptoms subsided until now, one year later. I am symptom free and in excellent health.

Through this experience I have come to understand the importance of taking responsibility for my own and family's health, something which until then I had taken for granted. I feel that Mr. Serrano has given me the tools to do this.

I will always be extremely grateful to Mr. Serrano for encouraging and guiding me through my personal crisis. Karen Burgess

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Ricardo Serrano, DTCM
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"God has not given us any disease for which he has not provided a remedy." - Paracelsus

"You are the greatest miracle in the world." - Og Mandino


Thank you for taking the time to visit this website on the Cure and Cause of Cancer is Within You which is my Doctor of TCM thesis.

The cure and cause of cancer is within you. The cause of cancer is a weakening of your immune system (Wei Qi) which is termed Chronic Immune (Wei) Dysfunction Syndrome (CIDS). I will elaborate more on this theory at the Cause web page and you will know why Traditional Chinese Medicine works.

The cure for cancer is strengthening your immune system (Wei Qi) which can be done naturally with powerful tools such as herbal formulas (detoxification and nourishment), meditation, acupuncture/moxibustion, pranic healing, and nutritional supplementation in an integrated manner. I will elaborate more on this at the Cure web page.

My theories and system of cure is rational, time tested and scientifically proven for centuries according to Traditional Chinese medical theory on strengthening Wei Qi as practiced in mainland China and everywhere in the world.

I believe that Our Creator provides us with powerful tools from nature and within us to deal with our health challenges as long as we have faith in the healing power within ourselves and use Mother Earth's herbs and special foods.

I dedicate this thesis to my teachers, patients and to the people with cancer and CIDS to offer them hope. Your survival is important to me. Join the Cancer/CIDS Support Group to be proactive and informed rather than reactive and uninformed.

I have recently published (January 31, 2013) and updated (October 26, 2016) book you can order: The Cure & Cause of Cancer: An Alternative Holistic Approach to Heal Cancer.

Healthfully yours,

Ricardo Serrano, R.Ac., MH, ADS
Registered Acupuncturist
Master Herbalist
Melchizedek Method Facilitator
Holographic Sound Healing Facilitator
Cosmic Heart Spiral of Love ® Facilitator
Pranic Healer and Qigong Master
Solution Focused Addictions Counsellor

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