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When were you born?

With great respect and love, I welcome you with all my heart. The foundation for the long-term success of personal life and business must be based upon timeless core values. Those values must guide our thoughts and actions - everyday!

Let the following stand as our public commitment to provide a quality experience to those we serve and whom we work. These values are excerpts from Primerica Financial Services (PFS) Values.

We value lifetime client relationships.

We value people, the strength of diversity and the power of unity.

We value the family, respecting the challenges it faces.

We value teamwork, the collaboration of individual initiatives and opinions.

We value the impact of partnership, the power of two hearts and minds acting in unison.

We value the entrepreneurial spirit. We support owners and ownership.

We value honesty and integrity, the cornerstones of business and personal relationships.

We value the power of recognition.We enthusiastically celebrate the accomplishments of others.

We value profitability, assuring the future for our clients and ourselves.

We value quality, creating and delivering the best solutions.

We value dreaming, the first step in the journey to success.

The above guidelines or values have been proven to work for personal and business success because they are the same values followed by successful people who are earning 6 - 7 figure annual income such as Sandy Weill, Joe Plumeri, Pete Dawkins and many others in the financial services business. Unbelievably, from documented sources, this same 6 - 7 figure annual income is attainable by everyone who has the same values as stated above and who can model the successful people with these same values.

Thanks for joining me with our inner circle of friends, clients, students and business associates who has the same goals and visions in life about health and wealth. You can click the email and URL directory of our inner circle of associates for networking purposes.

I have included meditation instructions for my students because unlike most other health and wealth building systems where spiritual development techniques are sadly lacking which disconnects them from the unlimited spiritual energy within, our path is the proven middle path that combines the best of ancient eastern and modern western philosophies for health, wealth and success.

With these health and wealth building principles in mind, I dedicate this part of my website which I'll be updating from time to time, to the said people who dares to be different, to be themselves and to make a difference in this lifetime through positive attitude, knowledge and commitment.

May the force be with you.

December 1,1997

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